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SanDiego.com is pleased to introduce the more exotic sister of Slater's 50/50, the all new Sausage & Meat (S & M).

S & M Restaurant Overview

This unique restaurant, which opens at 2 PM on November 4, is situated in the heart of historic North City San Diego at 4130 Park Boulevard. The incredible menu created by Chef Mark Younggren features meals with exotic game meats, bacon and sausage. S & M's menu items have been specifically designed to be San Diego's newest landmark in experimental dining. In addition, the innovative Swine Bar elevates mixed drinks to the next level with a variety of salty, savory, spicy and smoky themed beverages! S & M's patrons will enjoy the bar's 12 taps of tempting craft brews as well as a variety of specialty cocktails.

Appetizers and Salads

S & M's appetizer menu falls into the categories of small bites and medium bites, with several salads available as well. Small bite options include soft pretzel bites and duck egg roll, each complete with mustard or marinara. Medium bite menu items include Poutine, rabbit spiced curds with caramelized onions and gravy, and Pork Wings with root beer balsamic. Diners can also choose from such medium bites as Coconut Mac n Cheese, Venison Meatball, and Chipotle Strawberry Goat Cheese. S & M's salad collection includes a sweet potato potato salad, a BBB (bacon, blueberry and Brussels sprouts) salad and a CCC (curry, cauliflower and carrot) salad.


Diners may also choose from a selection of sandwiches, such as a Venison Meatball sandwich with whipped ricotta, arugula and marinara on a semolina roll, or an Italian BLT with garlic parmesan bacon, mozzarella, basil, tomato, and arugula on herb focaccia. S & M creates a new twist on the conventional peanut butter and jelly sandwich with their version incorporating cashew peanut butter, jalapeno jam, plantain and brown sugar bacon on a sourdough roll. Another delicious option is the Far East sandwich, which includes soy sesame bacon, cucumber slaw and peanut sauce on a semolina roll

Main Courses

S & M's main courses are an absolute meat lover's delight, featuring a variety of sausage and bacon meals. Also, the market will be featuring house-made sausages: cured bacon and charcuterie and Chef Mark will be starting the sausage and bacon creations, so stay-tuned!

Owner Scott Slater had something to add on the subject, “I purchased a curing cabinet from Italy so Chef Mark will be curing and smoking whole pork bellies and we’ll be making our own bacon from scratch along with our own exotic sausages.”


Diners can select from the sausage categories of classic, exotic or gourmet. The classic sausage options are Frankfurter and smoked Italian, while exotic options include kangaroo/pork Cajun hotlink, bison chipotle, lamb merguez, antelope/pork Andouille and alligator Andouille. The gourmet options are pineapple Portuguese, Cajun chicken jalapeño, Hungarian kielbasa, pizza sausage, Mexican chorizo, corned beef and wagyu frank. Regardless of the option, diners can add various house made toppings to their sausages to give it a delicious flavor. S & M's sausage toppings range from classics such as onions, relish, sauerkraut and peppers to Italian toppings like red sauce, parmesan, basil and fried pepperoni.


Diners will especially appreciate S & M's unique take on bacon, as they can select from savory or sweet flavors. Savory flavors include sesame, honey sriracha, jerk store, mustard and rosemary, while sweet flavors are brown sugar, chocolate, white chocolate macadamia and Reese’s pieces.


Many patrons will be drawn to S & M simply due to their fantastic collection of cocktails. Specialty drinks in the savory and salty collection include those such as the So Haute Right Now, a blend of corralejo blanco, fresh strawberry puree, fresh horseradish, lime and cilantro. Smokey and spicy cocktails really heat up the night, with cocktails like Thunder and Lightning, a mix of American moonshine, pampelmousse rose, raw ginger syrup, grapefruit and mint. For those who prefer more traditional cocktails, S & M's bar serves up Whiskey Sours, Manhattans, Mai Tai 1944s, and more.