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Say Cheese and Cheers at The Wedge in San Diego

Say Cheese and Cheers at The Wedge in San Diego

Say Cheese and Cheers at The Wedge in San Diego

October 25th, from 1pm - 5pm

Grand Ave, Mainstreet Escondido (http://wedgeescondido.com/directions-hours/)

How to purchase tickets : http://wedgeescondido.com/the-wedge-passport/

Saying cheese and and then cheers-ing at a cheese festival is the best way for you to enjoy food the way you like it. You may not realize but the artisan cheese industry is very serious, and there are many ways that you can enjoy cheese and wine. This setting provides you with many more options than you could possibly taste all at one time. Schedule your trip to the cheese festival and enjoy all the things that are in store for you.

The Cheese

There are many artisan cheese makers in America, and they descend on the beautiful city of San Diego to offer their wares to the denizens of the city. San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and cheese is one of the best things to sample when you are taking in the consistent sunshine and persistently gorgeous weather.

Cheese makers create all kinds of cheese that you can enjoy, spending hours perfecting their special blends until they’ve got their formula down to a science. You can enjoy much more cheese than you ever thought you would see in one place. However, you need to have something to drink with all that cheese.

The Wine

The wine that is matched to all the different styles of cheese will allow you to try many California wine makers that you have likely never heard of before. The wine tastings that go along with each of your cheese samplings are going to illuminate you to how these cheeses should taste when they are enjoyed in pairings. The wine selections available are vast, and will surely leave your taste buds dancing for days to come.

The People

This event offers a chance to meet people who enjoy wine and cheese as much as you do - and the artisans who create them!

You can sit down to wine tastings with your new friends, and you can share your tastes with others. The educational value and the excellent wine pairing should be enough to hold you over until the event next year - or so we hope!

One thing is for sure - you will learn more about wine and cheese than you ever thought possible, and you will learn it all in one of the best cities in America.

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