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SuperNatural Sandwiches: A Top Destination for Sandwiches in San Diego

SuperNatural Sandwiches

Seafood lovers and sandwich fanatics can rejoice, as SuperNatural Sandwiches marry fresh seafood with local greens and other organic ingredients to create a sandwich that is truly melt-in-your mouth marvelous. Setting up shop every Wednesday at the San Diego Public Market in Barrio Logan, at a location next to Cafe Virtuoso on National Avenue on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as Saturdays at Ripe Produce in North Park and Sundays at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, this destination is one of the highlights of the farmer’s market and a top lunch destination in the area, period.

By placing an emphasis on their “sea to sandwich” motto, SuperNatural Sandwiches seek to increase the accessibility of seafood, and to include locally grown and natural ingredients - everything from the seafood to the veggies, cheese and bread are from the San Diego area. The shrimp, crab and fish that are the most important components of their sandwiches are expertly cooked to preserve freshness and emphasize the flavor of the product. As a result, patrons can taste the marked difference in freshness and quality when you bite into one of their sandwiches, as well as notice the distinct San Diego flavor that sets it apart. Helmed by Christian Eggert, Tony Nguyen, Chris Perczichino and Anthony Tran, SuperNatural Sandwiches has gained a cult-like following of devoted “afishinados.” They are currently looking to open up a more permanent location, but in the meantime remain one of the best parts about the Barrio Logan food landscape.

If you decide to check out these sandwiches at the San Diego Public Market, the first thing you’ll notice is the line. There will usually be at least a few people queued up ahead of you to get a sandwich, but the crowds just signify how great the food is, and your taste buds will thank you for your patience. The staff is extremely personable as well, which just adds to the experience, and they are happy to customize any sandwich to accommodate you. The menu is populated with creatively named-items like: the Harpy, which is comprised of glazed sweet Mexican White Shrimp, spicy Pyro Aioli, crunchy bacon, goat cheese, Jinx relish and local greens all packed into a delectably buttery bun, and the Kraken, which has a heavenly mix of Pacific Stone and Blue Crab, shaman tartar sauce, and local greens again on a flaky bun. They also have a four cheese grilled cheese, ideal for anyone with shellfish allergies or non-seafood lovers.

Their most popular item on the menu is the Siren, a sandwich I’ve personally had several times. In fact, I find it so delicious that I haven’t been able to get myself to deviate from ordering it and branch out to try some of their ever-so enticing other items on the menu. This sandwich consists of perfectly prepared garlic Mexican white shrimp, elemental aioli, roasted tomatoes, white cheddar, spicy necromancer sauce and fresh local greens, all served up on a sweet Bread and Cie bun that ties the sandwich together by balancing out the spicy components. Each ingredient perfectly complements the other, without one element overpowering some of the more subtle ones. Instead, expect to bite into juicy shrimp coated with a flavorful sauce that only disappoints when you come to the last bite. The sandwich has a heavy ratio of shrimp, which I appreciate, as too many places tend to skimp on the seafood ingredients. They say this is their spiciest sandwich on the menu, but don’t let that scare you off from trying it. I don’t have the highest tolerance for spicy food, and would classify the flavor as more intensely garlicky than extremely spicy.

I look forward to Wednesdays when I can order up a Siren sandwich from SuperNatural Sandwiches at the San Diego Public Market, and highly recommend that everyone try it or another of their tasty creations!

Photo credit: Gerald Geronimo