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Tip It On Back with San Diego Brew Tours

San Diego Brew Tours

Craft beer fanatics in San Diego are the lovers in Paris of our generation, minus the romance and add a nice set of beer goggles. With countless beer buffs wandering from brewery to brewery talking about hops and barley and which beer gives them the best buzz, San Diego has developed a booming craft beer scene. As home to heavy hitters like Stone Brewing Co., Karl Strauss and The Lost Abbey, San Diego has become a Mecca for the craft beer fiend. From the beaches of North County to the mountains of Alpine, San Diego has been taken over by the antithesis of snooty wine tasters - everyone’s favorite stumbling Steven - the craft brew aficianado!

You won't see a swirl and sniff in this crowd, and you can bet no one is spitting out their sip just to cleanse the palate, because every ounce of brew not devoured is considered alcohol abuse to this swarthy crowd. So, how can you become a full blown craft brew buff and get the full brewski background? Book a trip with San Diego Brew Tours where you can experience the best beers on the West Coast right here in San Diego!

This awesome local tour company features brew tours of all shapes and sizes. They have a Walking Downtown Brewery Tour for those who can throw a few back and maintain their composure. This tipsy tour takes guests to Karl Strauss, the Beer Co and Rock Bottom Breweries, with tastings at each stop and a chance to go behind the scenes at some of Downtown’s best breweries. End the night at the ultra hip Andaz Hotel where those who aren’t quite done with the fun, can dance the night away at the Ivy at Andaz Nightclub.

For a daytime tour to complete any Sunday Funday (or Friday or Saturday for that matter), San Diego Brew Tours offers the San Diego Craft Brewery Tours from 11am - 5pm. This tour includes transportation to and from all the breweries, a seated lunch at the scrumptious Sublime Ale House and a bunch of beer tastings at three North County San Diego breweries! A few of the possible brewery destinations are: Ballast Point, Iron Fist, Lost Abbey, Indian Joe and Stumblefoot Brewery (sounds appropriate).

San Diego Brew Tours also offers an SD Night Craft Brewery Tour for guests looking to start the party off right with some quality craft brews (no one needs to know they end the night downing Coors from a paper bag). This San Diego tour starts at 4pm and ends around 9pm, making it perfect for the start of a fun night out. It includes transportation, dinner and awesome tastings at some of the city’s top breweries, so check it out and make your night something to (not) remember by starting it with San Diego Brew Tours!

Get in on the scene and pretend you know what you’re talking about the next time the bartender suggests a full-bodied beer with a hint of citrus. Hone your nose and tickle your tastebuds with San Diego Brew Tours for your next beer guzzling experience.

For more information or to book a tour call: 619-232-5040