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Tips For Moving to a New City

You’re finally getting out of your comfort zone, and you have plans to move to a new city. Whether you’re heading here to San Diego, or you have somewhere else in mind, there are plenty of things you need to know before you go. Moving to a new place has a lot of different pieces, so here are some of the best tips to help you when you head to a new city to live in.

Use a Remote Real Estate Agent
Whether you plan to buy or rent when you arrive in your new city, a real estate agent can help you find a great place to live. They’ll look at places close to where your new job is located, within your price range, and that will meet your base needs. Being clear about what you want and need will help them narrow down their search.

Start Packing Early
You don’t want to be rushing on moving day to get everything put in boxes. It’s stressful, it’s frustrating, and if you know months in advance that you’re moving, there is really no reason for it. While you can’t pack your essentials right away, there are plenty of things you can pack. Start by boxing up all your seasonal decorations and kitchen items. Put away things you only use once or twice a year.
Put away extra towels, blankets, and even things like winter clothes if you’re moving in summer. Label each box to make it easier to find and unpack later. People like to get free boxes from grocery stores or their workplace, and you can also purchase them for affordable rates from moving companies and stores like Walmart and Target.

Book a Moving Truck
You want to be sure that you can get the size of the moving truck that you need when you head out. Book your truck as early as possible. Many subscriptions and memberships offer discounts on moving trucks. For instance, you can get a huge percentage off a Budget rental truck with a Costco membership.
Even if you use it for nothing else, the savings you would get from using the membership to rent the truck offsets the cost of the membership itself, sometimes by hundreds of dollars. By booking in advance and leveraging discounts, you save money on the move that you can use to do fun things when you get settled.

Research Fun Things To Do in Your New City
Exploring a new city is always a lot of fun. If this will be your first time living somewhere like here in San Diego or in New York or Dallas, take some time to find fun things to do. All work and no play make for an unsatisfying life. If you’re looking for things to do, you can find local wine tastings, sporting events, local tours, and even water parks and amusement parks.

Learn How to Make New Friends

If you’ve lived in the same place all your life, you probably already have a group of long-time friends. This might sound crazy but making friends as an adult and in a new city is different from making them in a place where you’ve always lived. You’ll need to be intentional about finding local groups to meet up with, go to the gym, make friends with your coworkers, or even volunteer with local organizations. It’s not hard to learn how to make friends in a new city, but it does take a little effort and thinking outside the box.

Spend a Day Changing Your Account Address
When you arrive in your new city there are a lot of little things you need to do. First, you should set up your mail forwarding before you leave. Once you have your new home address, you’ll need to take the time to change all your accounts with that address. If you set aside a day to do this one thing, it’ll help you get settled even more quickly. While you may want to
Schedule an Appointment to Change Your Driver’s License
Most places nowadays aren’t accepting walk-ins and the wait times can be quite long. It’s important to change your driver’s license as soon as possible when you arrive in your new city. Your employer should understand if you need to make an appointment for this during work hours.