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Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch in San Diego in 2015




Name: Jon Carder

Company: Mogl.com

Industry: Tech startup

Age: 36


Jon is the visionary Founder and CEO of Mogl, a cash back rewards program centered around fighting for a cause: the end of world hunger. Since it’s launch in 2011, Mogl has raised over $26 million in venture capital funding from notable firms such as Tech Coast Angels, Avalon Ventures and Sigma Partners. Mogl has received multiple awards for their initiatives to fight hunger and will stop at nothing to keep the fight alive.


Name: Brandon Blum

Company: SB Capital Partners

Industry: Private equity, Real estate

Age: 31



Brandon is the Founder and Managing Partner of SB Capital Partners, a boutique private equity firm which acquires and manages investments in the property management and home services industries. SB Capital Partners owns one of the largest property management companies in San Diego which he founded in in 2003 when they began purchasing single family homes around San Diego State University and transforming them to student rentals. Within 2 years, he acquired and managed over 150 properties, making his company the largest single family home provider in the area.


Name: Chris Richmond

Company: ShareTV.com

Industry: Online Entertainment

Age: 28

Chris Richmond is the founder and CEO of ShareTV.com, a television fan site used by millions of people worldwide. Chris attended the University of Las Vegas at the age of 16 majoring in Computer Science, however he dropped out after only 3 semesters to begin his life as a serial entrepreneur. His entertainment websites currently stream over 10,000 hours of video daily and generate over 100 million page-views each month. Chris’s hard work and dedication has resulted in his exponential growth of both capital and recognition - and there are no plans of slowing down in his future.


Name: Casey Wright

Company: Wright Brothers, Inc.

Industry: SaaS - Real estate  

Age: 33

Casey Wright is Founder and CEO at Wright Brothers, Inc., a web development company that builds rapidly evolving web applications for the residential real estate industry. With almost a decade of experience equipping small business leaders with digital marketing tools and education, Casey is passionate about leading a new generation of technologically-empowered professionals. Under his direction, WBI has more than doubled its revenues for three consecutive years, earning the title of “4th Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in San Diego” from The San Diego Business Journal in 2014.



Name: Asher Burke

Company: The Bricks Agency/Campaign Services Group, Inc.  

Industry: Marketing and Branding/Political consulting

Age: 24


Asher is a marketing and political consultant, who in 2008 founded Campaign Services Group which has provided unique perspective, and cutting edge market trends to political campaigns. Under his leadership they have received numerous awards including several years of consecutive recognition from the American Association of Political Consultants. Asher is also the managing partner of The Bricks Agency, a creative and branding agency that brings success to clients and helps them reach their full potential.


Name: Brandon Stapper

Company: Lincoln Funding, 858 Graphics Inc.

Industry: Private equity, Printing

Age: 29


Name: Brett Stapper

Company: Falcon Global Capital, LLC  

Industry: Hedge fund, Cryptographic currencies

Age: 24

Coming from humble beginnings, these two brothers made a pact to become successful entrepreneurs after losing their father in 2001. Before the age of 20, they were well on their way to completion. Early on, Brandon founded a wide-format print company from his garage which quickly grew into one of the largest in Southern California. Brett’s early years consisted of founding several ventures focused on the marketing and advertising industry before redirecting his attention to emerging markets. In 2013, they both shifted their focus to the finance industry. Brandon is the founding partner of Lincoln Funding, a private equity firm which acquires print and marketing companies in California, Nevada and Arizona. For this, and the rest of his accomplishments, he was named CEO of the year by the Entrepreneurs Organization in 2013. In 2014, he was honored once again when one of his companies landed on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies list. But Brandon was not the only Stapper whose accomplishments have been internationally recognized as his brother Brett founded one of the first SEC registered hedge funds to trade in cryptographic based currencies and was the first federally registered pro-bitcoin lobbyist which landed him on the list of Top Ten Names to Know in Bitcoin by Business Insider. This duo is not only business savvy, but also a true San Diego success story.

Name: James Paine

Company: West Realty Advisors

Industry: Hedge fund, real estate

Age: 26

James Paine is the Founder and Managing Partner of West Realty Advisors, LLC., a real estate investment company solely focused on investments related to residential real estate redevelopment across the United States. West Realty Advisors anticipates $30 million in revenue this year doubling the companies 2013 performance. James has consulted for Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs, as well as for several other national firms regarding upcoming market trends and housing investments. As an avid surfer and frequent world traveler, James shares a vested interest with his team in the social mission of improving communities on a local and national level.




Name: Steven Cox

Company: TakeLessons.com

Industry: Education


Steven is the Founder and CEO of TakeLessons.com - America's leading music lessons company. Esteemed for his patience and business savvy marketing, he proudly boasts over 1 million lessons for music enthusiasts across the country. Launched in 2007, his company has raised over $18 million in venture capital funding from some of the largest firms in the industry including Crosslink Capital, SoftTech VC and Lightbank.



Name: Mike Kamo (Frooze)

Company: Stride CRM

Industry: Internet Marketing

Age: 28

Mike is a 28-year-old San Diego based entrepreneur that specializes in helping businesses reach their full potential. He works closely with his partner, internet marketing guru Neil Patel, to create cutting edge marketing plans for “7-figure and above” online and e-commerce businesses. Mike is a serial entrepreneur whose accomplishments reside  in multiple industry verticals such as software, marketing consultations, and the auto industry. His chameleon tendencies allow for successes across multiple industries and leave his spectators curious about what he might do next.