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Top 4 things To Do on Electric Bikes in San Diego

San Diego has so many things to do but I always look for something unique that other cities don’t offer.  I believe one of the best ways to see San Diego is while riding an electric bicycle or e-bike. So, let me give you 4 awesome ways to live the e-bike dream.  But first, I know that you’re probably wondering…  Where do I get one and how do they work?

My favorite place to rent an e-bike is San Diego Fly Rides in La Jolla.  The owners, Ike and Megan Fazzio, are fun, energetic and wonderful people who run a great business.  The manager of the shop is Max Shenk, a Colorado native, Marine Corp vet, and extreme sport enthusiast who is always there to greet you when you walk through the door.  I love local businesses like these where you can actually get to know the staff as it makes for a pleasurable experience.

At San Diego Fly Rides you can purchase and e-bike, get a rental or take a tour.  Before choosing the best option for you, there are some governing laws for each.  Tour and rental e-bikes are peddle assist only so they don’t have a throttle.  They are super smooth and go up to 20 miles per hour max.  Purchased e-bikes have an option for a throttle and go up to about 28 miles per hour max.  The e-bike battery charge can last anywhere from 25-60 miles based on a few factors: 1. rider’s skill level or cadence, 2. level of assistance or mode, and 3. the terrain.  In the event that you need a hand, San Diego Fly Rides (HYPER) Bosch certified technicians will be there in a heartbeat to fix your bike and get you back on the road.  And as always, with all e-bikes, helmets are a must to stay safe!

Now let’s get to my list of 4 awesome ways to live the e-bike dream!

  1. Take the “So Cal Riviera Tour,” the most popular tour on the menu.  From experience, I recommend Peter Hulbert as your guide.  Peter is a local La Jollian with a ton of history to share about this special place that I call home.  It is a gorgeous tour full of jaw-dropping views of La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines.  So bring your phone or camera to capture the memories.
  2. Rent an e-bike to check out “The Board Walk Loop,” which covers Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Vacation Isle and Mission Bay.  Fly Rides can give you directions and suggest some places to stop along the way.  And make sure to grab an Ice Cream Sandwich at The Baked Bear (HYPER) in Pacific Beach.  You will not be disappointed.
  3. Discover Mission Trails Park on your e-bike.  Ask the team at the shop to recommend the best bikes for these trails and you will be blessed with a wonderful ride.  You can find all of the information you need here.
  4. Take in the natural beauty at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve on your e-bike.  These intermediate rides are a breath of fresh air amongst quiet landscape.  Just take note of the trails closed to bikes.  More information about these trails can be found here.

Let the e-bike do most of the work and enjoy the freedom, sun and fresh air as you explore San Diego.  Trust me, the bikes are easy to use and fun to ride.  Plus, it’s always fun to cruise by a hardcore cyclist, who knows if you are “cheating!”  But, at least it’s some exercise and it’s far better than sitting in a car!  So, give us some feedback at [email protected] and let us know how you enjoyed your ride in San Diego!

-Brett Murphy