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Top 5 Things To Do In Pacific Beach This Summer

With more than 33 million visitors a year, San Diego is one of the most popular travel destinations in California. Pacific Beach is only a small neighborhood within a larger locale, but between all the sunning, surfing and shopping opportunities, there's so much to see and do that visitors are sure to find themselves quite busy anyway! Here are five things not to miss during a whirlwind vacation through Pacific Beach, or "PB" as it's known to the locals.

1: Catch A Wave

Dive right into PB with a trip to Tourmaline Surf Park Beach. The waters are temperate and mild on the swimming side, but in the designated surfing areas, adrenaline seekers can find barrels and breaks that are perfect for a variety of tricks. It's a good place for beginners as well, with many surf shops offering surfing lessons and stand up paddleboarding right there on the coast. Visitors of all ages can hang 10 and enjoy an ocean mist on their face!

2: Have A Drink

As one of the younger, more "hip" areas of San Diego, there's no shortage of cantinas and dive bars in Pacific Beach. Cocktails flow freely from restaurants with an ocean view and drinks are passed from hand to hand during happy hours at the local bars. Don't be afraid to mix with singles at the Typhoon Saloon or watch the game on the high-def screens at the PB Bar & Grill. Try something exotically flavored at the Tiki House. Anyone over the age of 21 is sure to have a good time at Pacific Beach.

3: Take The Stage

Open mics are a dime a dozen when the liquor starts flowing, so after hopping through all the clubs and dive bars of the boardwalk, it isn't uncommon for PB tourists to have a pressing need to speak their mind. The good news is that there are plenty of places to make this happen! Turquoise Coffee offers late hours for poets and comedians, and the 710 Beach Club boasts everything from karaoke to trivia contests. There's also Rhapsody for aspiring musicians with a guitar and a lot of courage. Where there are bars, there are boisterous guests having a lot of fun.

4: Buy Some Souvenirs

Pacific Beach is well-known for its shopping district, so don't even think about visiting the neighborhood without plenty of spare change. Stores, stalls and boutiques are in abundance, and athletic shops and equipment rental stores are always open for surfing enthusiasts or those eager to go stand up paddleboarding. There are a number of malls, including Pacific Plaza and Seacoast Square. For organic eaters, a farmer's market runs every Saturday morning on Promenade Mall; for those who revel in the gleaming lights and frenzied crowds of a good shopping spree, there are stores, salons, bars, gyms and movie theaters all over Clairemont Town Square.


5: Explore The Boardwalk

One of the biggest attractions of Pacific Beach is Ocean Boulevard, where joggers, jugglers and street musicians all mingle with dog walkers and rollerbladers. Dive bars line the coast; cafes and smoothie shops are only a few minutes away. There's always a crowd, and avid people-watching is not only expected but encouraged. This is the place where visitors go to lose themselves in liveliness and experience an authentic breath of California air. As a bonus, when they're all tuckered out, they can walk a few steps to Crystal Pier and rent a cottage right over the beach!


A trip to San Diego just isn't complete without stopping by Pacific Beach. From dive bars and karaoke on the coast to stand up paddleboarding deep in the ocean, the possibilities are only as limited as one's imagination.

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