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Top Taco Spots in San Diego

Top Taco Spots in San Diego

Why wait for Tuesday to enjoy tacos? San Diego has become a culinary destination for this favorite dish so there is no need to only enjoy them on the infamous Taco Tuesday. Tacos have taken new twists through the years including creative additions such as different types of fish, unusual veggies and even Asian flair. Whether its fast food or a sit down dinner, there are numerous ways to enjoy the taco.

Here are a few of our favorite places to enjoy tacos any day of the week:

  • Who: El Callejon Encinitas
  • Where: Encinitas
  • What: This favorite San Diego restaurant has wild south of the border flavor and decor with great happy hour specials and friendly staff. It doesn't get better than a taco and margarita at El Callejon. This North County hot spot attracts locals and visitors alike with a vibrant atmosphere, solid drink specials and of course - everyone's favorite Mexican cuisine - the taco! Served with lobster, shrimp, slow cooked pork, carne asada or chicken, the tacos at El Callejon can't be beat!


  • Who: Puesta
  • Where: La Jolla
  • What: Even though this eatery is just over a year old, Puesta has already made a name for itself, serving fresh made to order tacos with a twist. Imagine your favorite Mexican street food, but cranked up a notch. All tacos are grilled in front of customers and offer many choices including traditional carne asada and carnitas as well as vegetarian options such as zucchini and cactus and even potato soy chorizo. The options are endless to create your own taco masterpiece and you can wash it all down with a Mexican beer or a frosty margarita.


  • Who: Las Cuatro Milpas
  • Where: Barrio Logan
  • What: Even your Mexican grandmother would have a hard time competing with this San Diego institution. Las Cuatro Milpas has been a family owned and operated restaurant for three generations. Serving traditional tacos with beans and rice, Cuatro Milpas has perfected the taco with their handmade tortillas, limes, cilantro and onions. The decor is simple and rustic, the lines can be long, but they do move quickly and once you taste your food, you will realize that it's worth the wait.


  • Who: El Pescador
  • Where: La Jolla
  • What: The fish taco burst onto the scene when surfers imported this culinary delight from south of the border many years ago. The fish taco has evolved into a must eat for locals and visitors alike. El Pescador is actually a full service fish market, thus the ingredients are the freshest to be found. The focus of the taco is the grilled fish itself. Shrimp tacos are also served up alongside fresh coleslaw with a tang of vinegar. El Pescador is a casual place that serves up fresh and simple yet delicious seafood tacos.

There are many great restaurants in San Diego serving up everything from the most traditional pork and beef tacos to fish, shrimp and almost anything else one can imagine that fits into a tortilla. So don't wait until Tuesday to enjoy your favorite taco, everyday is taco day in San Diego!