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Turn San Diego into a Playground with Urban Adventure Quest!

Urban Adventure Quest

Urban Adventure Quest is an interactive tour game whose control center can be operated by a smartphone or any other mobile device with Internet access. The primary goal of the game revolves around clue resolution and successfully conquering challenges related to a city of your choice. The game is basically intended to function as a self-guided tour of a city as you explore its attractions. Currently Urban Adventure Quest tours are available for thirty major cities across America, Washington, D.C., and Vancouver, B.C. Three additional cities are expected to be added to the list in the near future.

While the cost for your adventure is currently $49, it is well worth the expenditure as your clues and challenges will result in learning unique facts about your selected city along the tour route. Every year during the month of November, $2 per order will be contributed to the Wounded Warrior Project. A 25 percent discount is available for active military personnel and their families as well as to former military personnel as a "thank you for your service" gesture. Urban Adventure Quest also supports the Habitat for Humanity and offers a 20% discount to all non-profits.

All of the information you need for your tour is accessible from your mobile device during daylight hours with no need to download anything. The only stipulation that Urban Adventure Quest makes is that you need Internet service NOT WiFi. You purchase the game online at www.UrbanAdventureQuest.com. Once you complete your purchase, a confirmation email is sent that includes all the information you need for your tour including parking, username and passwords, tips and advice to make your day the best.

The idea for Urban Adventure Quest was spawned in the minds of a family whose members were devoted fans of the popular "Amazing Race" reality TV program, but who knew that time and financial constraints prevent most people from participating in this type of adventure. The only difference between one of this reality show's adventures and yours is that your quest will only span an approximate two to three hour duration, and the challenges are mental, not physical.

While the total span of your tour averages three hours within a walking distance of only two to three miles, you may pause at any point your desire since your tour is designed to be negotiated at your own pace. While there is no limit relative to the size of your group, Urban Adventure Quest strongly recommends that one person's mobile device be designated to keep abreast of the tour route while others use their devices for easy and quick internet research needed to solve clues and conquer challenges. Clue resolution involves discovering the correct location of a place or thing. Correct challenge solution is achieved by answering a very enjoyable riddle or solving a very easy acrostic puzzle.

A typical tour contains eighteen to twenty-five clues. Thirty points are awarded for successful tour completion. Four tries are allowed for each clue with five points deducted for a wrong answer. For each question and challenge, two hints are offered, but five points are deducted for each hint used. At any point during your tour, you may pad your score by answering bonus questions. While only one try is allowed for bonus questions, no points are deducted for wrong answers.

At the Urban Adventure Quest website's home page, there is a free demo tour for Sacramento. Your adventure begins on 2nd Street in the area of the Pony Express Monument. The answer to your first question is derived from gazing through the reins of a horse to espy a replica of a bird. Should you need to use the hint for identification assistance, you will be asked to name America's national bird. After entering this two-word answer, your next destination is the train museum where you will be directed to visit the toy train exhibit. Once you find the Polar Express train, your task is to add the number found on the last car to the postal zipcode for the North Pole. Success results in a very enjoyable and unforgettable association to remember the date upon which the city of Sacramento was founded.

The actual Urban Adventure Quest around San Diego involves traveling 2.4 miles between the transit center and the Bob Hope Memorial while answering twenty-three questions and two bonus challenges. Your feedback is eagerly welcomed at the Urban Adventure Quest website where customer service representatives may be contacted by phone, email or via a brief query form completion.


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