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Two Of San Diego's Best Yoga Studios, According To SanDiego.com

When considering yoga, a studio is an ideal method to receive detailed instruction and in-depth programs. Two of the best studios to check out in San Diego are Yoga One and Yoga Tropics, both providing unique classes and excellent instruction for all skill levels.

Yoga One

The mission of this studio is to help students enjoy a happier and healthier life through movement and relaxation techniques. One offers a spiritual experience and has been open since 2002. This studio has offered superior service to thousands of San Diego residents.

This studio offers a mixture of both levels and styles. This studio promotes practicing in a safe and welcoming environment. There is a spiritual and non-competitive atmosphere. This classes at this studio are instructed by experienced professionals. They offer inspiring instruction that provide a balance of breathing, relaxation, and movement awareness.

There are Level 1 and Level 2 classes offered. These classes practice the fundamentals of basic poses and breathing. Level 2 classes are moderately more challenging; however, both classes encourage students to listen to the body and develop breathing.

A few of the unique classes include free flow, donation flow, gentle flow, and restorative classes.

Restorative classes offer an active practice that provides therapy for many ailments such as insomnia, chronic stress, physical injury, and high blood pressure. The poses do not require flexibility and are designed to eliminate deep-rooted tension.

Donation classes offer engaging classes that generally include sun salutations and standing poses. There are also seated poses that incorporate Ujjayi breath. These classes are suitable for both new and experienced students.

Gentle flow and free flow classes offer a slower pace, Vinyasa based class. These classes help sync poses with breathing and help enhance relaxation. Gentle flow classes promote the softer side of poses. When selecting a class to attend, it is important to understand the style and level of the class.

There are also two unique workshops offered by this studio. The Advanced Anatomy 2014 workshop and the “I am…” Kids Workshop both offer engaging activities for students in San Diego.

The Anatomy 2014 workshop is a 12 hour class that explores kinesiology and anatomy as it relates to different poses. This workshop focuses on yoga as therapy and injury prevention. The anatomy workshop offers knowledge of the body and the significance of alignment.

The “I am…” Kids workshop helps manage negative thoughts thorough inspiration and motivation. The class helps kids deal with thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m ugly.” The workshop incorporates heart opening postures, writing journals, and meditation.

Yoga Tropics

This studio is secular, not spiritual, and focuses primarily on breath work and postures. Tropics offers several workshops, challenges, and retreats. The studio has excellent instructors and several unique classes.

The basic class at Tropics is the Hot 60. This class is an hour long and the heat is placed on high. The Hot 60 offers a good sweat and is an ideal class for students of all levels. Although the asanas are set up in different variations, everyone will receive a challenge regardless of experience level. For the most part, the postures remain the same; however, each instructor incorporates a unique pace, nuance, style, and rhythm. There is also bikram-style asanas and sections of vinyasa flow. There is a Hot 90 class offered that is a longer version of the Hot 60.

There is a more advanced Hot 60 that is conducted in studio 2. The class does not get as hot; however, the pace is faster and the postures are more challenging. This is an ideal choice for practicing advanced postures such as binds and arm- balancing.

Tropics has a talented staff of instructors. Every instructor has a distinct presence in the class. Each instructor also offers a distinct style and pace. There are instructors available for every type of student ranging from beginner to expert. Currently, there are three studios. Studio 1 is the largest and is equipped with the most heat. This room offers a deep sweat and generally fills up quickly with students. Studio 2 is not as hot as Studio 1. This room is well ventilated; however, may require more concentration. Studio 2 shares a wall with a restaurant and, in some instances, students may need to ignore noise. This may help with mental acuity and focus.

The last room is Tropics West which is located a couple of blocks from studio 1 and 2. This room also gets considerably hot; however, the noise level is minimal. Tropics West is an option for students to escape the large crowds at the main studios.

Practicing yoga can help improve strength, flexibility, and balance. This is a spiritual activity that offers a level of relaxation and concentration that is unmatched. Enrolling in a top studio can help relieve stress and improve mental acuity. Yoga One and Yoga Tropics are two popular yoga studios in San Diego.


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