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What Is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

It's a lifestyle...

There is nothing more peaceful than being out in the ocean and feeling that cool breeze on your bronzing skin. If you are looking to do something that isn’t quite as technical as surfing and still tons of fun, we suggest trying out stand up paddleboarding!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a sport that has had a long history in San Diego, Hawaii and all over Latin America. These regions have practiced a form of paddle boarding for hundreds and even thousands of years in similar fashion. Coronado is where paddleboarding really began for San Diegans specifically and the sport has since spread to just about every other beach up the coastline. Different from traditional surfing, the rider stands up and balances on a longboard while using a paddle to propel forward and catch waves.

This sport has increased in popularity exponentially in more recent years and keeps growing worldwide. Paddle boarding is obviously tried more during the summer months but in San Diego we’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy the sport practically all year long. It’s pretty common to drive down Mission Boulevard on any given morning and see multiple paddle boarders dotting the crystal blue waters alongside the regular surfers for some early sets.

San Diegans are even fortunate enough to have an annual stand up paddleboarding event to attend called the Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge which celebrates the sport and brings out dozens of people for Stand Up Paddleboarding in the beautiful Mission Bay. This year’s event happened a few months ago in January 2014 with a nice turnout but it’s never too early to pick up a paddle board and start practicing for next year!

There are always lessons available for those wanting to learn how to paddle board on just about any of San Diego’s beaches. Double Anchor Paddle Boards, located in Pacific Beach, offers both lessons and rentals for the whole family and has great reviews.

Anyone looking to try paddle boarding in North County San Diego should check out 2 Stand Up Guys in Carlsbad for some great lessons and a really hands-on experience. These guys always have the goal of helping new riders catch their first wave quickly and are great teachers.

We hope to see you out on the water soon!

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