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Wine, Dine, and San Diego - Syrah Wine Parlor

Whether the mood is for an eclectic new taste in wine or a nibble and sip together the perfect place to find these tastes is at Syrah Wine Parlor. Located in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, this is the place to be. There is old world charm combined with contemporary design. Syrah's features an extensive collection of wines , spirits, cocktails and beer. The menu features small bite boards, sandwiches and salads. All are served in an unforgettable location.

The Location

Located on 5th Avenue in San Diego's Gaslamp District Syrah's is a short flight of steps underground. Walking down the steps transforms the city atmosphere into a trip through Alice In Wonderland with an entrance covered with a notable mix of signs and murals. No worries about falling as there is a sturdy handrail. This entrance will whisk away the cares of the day and thoughts of the city as it steps the patron into a world of fine wine and relaxation. 

The Main Room

Once inside the main room patrons are treated to old world charm with brick walls and plush seating areas. There is a contemporary atmosphere with industrial style high ceilings and colors in modern neutral tones. The seating options are many here. 

There is a raised area of VIP booths along the walls with high backed plush bench seats. These areas feature solid wood low tables for the convenience of guests. In the middle of the main room are small seating groups with tables for intimate talks over wine around cabaret style tables. These small tables surround a large, comfortable couch with pillows for slightly larger intimate groupings. There is also a full length bar with contemporary high bar stools for those who prefer to meet and greet in this type of setting. A large group will find a long table with comfortable chairs just for their get together. 

Just off the main room is the living room. This area features comfortable chair groupings and small tables with a fireplace. Seated in this area on relaxing chairs, a fire in the hearth and a country wall mural enhances the feeling of being at home here while relaxing with friends and loved ones.

Events And Tastings

Syrah Wine Parlor has over one hundred different bottles of wine from which to choose. There is a large choice of spirits as well as beers. Spirits can be mixed as well as straight. All mixed beverages are served by professional mixologists just as all wines are served by professional sommeliers.

At Syrah Wine Parlor events are part of the fun. There are special holiday and weekly events. Tuesday nights feature music, Sunday night is Paint Nite and Wednesday features tarot card readings. Happiest Hour is from four until five and happy hour is celebrated until seven at night on Tuesday through Friday. Holiday events are scheduled approximately one month in advance and include such special days as Valentine's Day with a romantic candle lit wine tasting.

Tastings for the general public are held on Friday and Saturday evenings. There is a limit of sixteen people for each of these tastings which include three glasses of wine with food pairings. Every wine tasting and food pairing are different at every tasting so it is recommended to go as often as possible to check out these one-of-a-kind pairings. 

Private tastings can be booked for six nights per week, every day except Monday. These tastings are built upon a theme with three wines and three food pairings. At the time of booking the wine choices may be made by the person booking the tasting. The host for these affairs will be an in-house sommelier. 

Romantic tastings are now a feature. These intimate gatherings are for two to four people and feature three glasses of wine each with canapes to match the wines. Held in a booth, these tete-a-tetes are decorated in candlelight and rose petals.

Reserve tastings are another new feature at Syrah Wine Parlor. Red and white wines from Europe, Australia and the United States are featured. These wines are chosen for their flavor profiles and are only from the reserve list.

Spirit tastings are for those who would like to branch out a bit from wine. Each of these tastings will feature one spirit of the patron's choice for the tasting. These will be expertly mixed and paired with the correct foods for an interesting and fun filled tasting experience.

Reservations can be made by contacting Syrah Wine Parlor. Patrons may book a table or book a private event. Events can be booked as either private or semi-private. 

Any patron who likes to be wined and dined will feel right at home as soon as they enter Syrah Wine Parlor. The atmosphere is relaxed, the wine selection is vast with over one hundred different bottles and the food is always paired excellently for taste and compatibility. There are many wonderful flavor combinations, public tastings as well as private. Syrah's also knows that sometimes other beverages than wine might be the choice of their patrons and does not neglect beers, spirits or mixed drinks. The food can be part of a wine tasting or ordered separately. A full menu is available for patrons to peruse and choose what suits their food needs at the time. A visit to Syrah Wine Parlor will make great memories for years to come.