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San Diego Kayak Tours

San Diego Kayak Tours

San Diego Kayak Tours
2158 Avenida De La Playa
La Jolla, CA 92037

San Diego Kayak Tours Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About San Diego Kayak Tours

  1. Experience: No previous kayaking experience is necessary when you book with with San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours. The kayaks are stable and easy to maneuver through the beautiful Pacific Ocean so guests of all experience levels can enjoy San Diego Kayak Tours.
  2. Guide Certifications: Safety is the name of the game with Kayak Tours San Diego so each guide is certified in CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid. The guides are experienced water-men/women and have hours of safety training to ensure guests are safe while enjoying their San Diego Kayak Tour. If something were to go wrong on the water, you are in good hands when you book with Kayak Tours in San Diego.
  3. Age Requirements: Kayak Tours San Diego are fun for the whole family. Explore the La Jolla Sea Caves for ages 7 and up or try a fun kayak and snorkel tour for ages 10 and up. Kayaking is a fun outdoor San Diego activity the whole family can enjoy, so bring the kids and have a great time with a San Diego Kayak Tour.
  4. Safety Equipment: San Diego Bike and Kayak provides all the safety equipment needed for a fun day on San Diego Kayak Tours. Helmets and life vests are necessities for a fun tour, but don't worry about bringing your own. San Diego Kayaking Tours has you covered.
  5. Tour Duration: San Diego Kayak Tours are 2 - 2.5 hours depending if you're just kayaking or kayaking and snorkeling. Kayaking is a great work-out so two hours gives you plenty of time to see the sights and have tons of fun on San Diego Kayak Tours.

San Diego Kayak Tours from San Diego Bike and Kayak are fun, informative and exciting. Guests can explore the Seven Sea Caves of La Jolla and try their skill at kayak surfing while coming back into La Jolla Shores. The La Jolla Underwater Park is one of the best San Diego Kayak Tour locations. The park is home to expansive kelp forests, tons of sea life including sea lions and dolphins, and is also a leopard shark breeding ground. Don't let this scare you, Leopard Sharks are completely harmless, but every summer they come to the beaches of La Jolla and provide an exciting chance to get up close and personal to these majestic animals.

Kayaking is fun all year round and any time of day, but one of the best tours offered is the sunset kayak tour from San Diego Bike and Kayak. Make it a romantic evening with gorgeous sunset kayak tours of La Jolla where guests can enjoy the striking colors of a San Diego sunset while gliding along the oceans surface. Nothing is better than being on the ocean at this beautiful time of day.

  • Do Bring the Kids: Kids 6 and up can enjoy one of the kayak tours with San Diego Bike and Kayak, so bring the little ones along for a fun filled day on a San Diego Kayak Tour.
  • Don't Be Scared: All the needed safety equipment is provided by San Diego Bike and Kayak, the tour guides are CPR and First Aid Certified and the sea life is nothing to worry about so have a great time and know you are safe and sound.

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