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San Diego Limo Transfer

San Diego Limo Transfer

San Diego Limo Transfer
San Diego Limo Transfer
10601 Tierrasanta blvd
STE 234
San Diego, CA 92124

San Diego Limo Transfer Information

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Top 5 6 Things to Know About San Diego Limo Transfer!

  1. No Minimum Hours:  You read it right!  Have the limo wait!
  2. Drivers: San Diego Limo Transfer has a roster of friendly drivers. Family owned and operated, owner Darian makes sure all his guests feel like they’re a part of the crew. All drivers pride themselves in offering guests a fun, professional environment. 
  3. Price: San Diego Limo Transfer’s prices are extremely competitive for the San Diego area. While their services are top notch, their rates are some of the lowest out of Lindberg Field. There are no hourly minimums, so you won’t need to watch the clock to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 
  4. Vehicles: Get in or out of town in style in a luxury limo. All cars are clean—inside and out. Limos are serviced and maintained on a regular basis and given the same VIP treatment their riders are given. 
  5. Reliability: Drivers are reliable and always arrive on time, which means you can leave all the planning and details to someone else. In most cases, drivers usually arrive 10 minutes before they are scheduled to arrive.
  6. Special Events: No event is too big or small for San Diego Limo. All drivers are equipped to handle large parties and big days. Arrangements can even be made for champagne, beer or cocktails on board and drivers usually have an arsenal of snacks for hungry travelers. Limos are perfect for special out-of-town guests, bachelorette parties, wedding parties, reunions and anniversaries. 

Why It's Awesome: San Diego Limo not only offers reliable, friendly drivers at competitive prices, they are more than happy to go the extra mile to make sure your trip to San Diego is your dream vacation. Drivers not only get you from Point A to Point B, they can point out some cool stuff to check out along the way. All San Diego Limo drivers know the area inside and out and can shuttle you to your destinations in relaxation and style. Sit back and enjoy a cold beverage while your driver points out all the best restaurants and activities.

Forgo the Rental: Renting a car in San Diego can be a nightmare. First, you’ll need to take a shuttle to the rental car company, then you’ll need to sign your life away. Finally, you could end up getting lost or spend your trip looking at a map or a GPS app instead of checking out all of San Diego’s best sights. Leave all the grunt work to the driver, including parking, tolls and California driving laws.

Public Transportation in San Diego? Forget About It: San Diego knows how to do sunshine, beaches, seafood, cool cocktails and awesome views. What we don’t do is public transportation. Navigating the bus system will rob you of the vacation you deserve. For a few extra dollars, get your own private chauffer and save your energy for all the fun you’ll have instead.

The Local Scoop: San Diego has plenty of activities for any age. Kids love watching the dolphins at the aquarium, while adults go nuts over the Gaslamp District’s nightlife. Visitors both young and old have a blast exploring the boardwalk, while the beach offers plenty of fun in the sun. Never go hungry again in one of San Diego’s many restaurants, offering Mexican, Italian and American cuisines—plus, much, much, more!

Do Tell Your Driver Your Top Destinations: Let your driver know what your vacation “must sees” are in advance. That way, he can give you some insider tips on getting the best deals, let you know the best times to visit certain attractions and offer tips on other attractions in the area you might enjoy. He might even be able to swing by a few attractions or take the scenic route, so you won’t miss any of San Diego’s beautiful scenery.

Do Check Out the Deals: San Diego Limo offers plenty of deals, so call in advance to make sure you’re taking advantage of these hot offers! They never charge a minimum, so base fees are already extremely low. 

Don’t Bother with Taxis: Don’t worry about waiting in line for a taxi at the airport. Get your own personal driver who knows all of San Diego’s streets like the back of his hand. You’ll get to your destination the fastest way possible without wondering if your driver is taking you the long way to your hotel just to increase the fare.

Don't Get Stuck in Traffic: Traffic in San Diego can put a damper on any day, whether you’re a local or a tourist. Ask your driver when the pick-up and drop-off times are in San Diego, so you spend your vacation in the sun—not in a car. All drivers are extremely knowledgeable about the area, so if you do find yourself stuck in unavoidable traffic, your driver will know the best detour to get you back on the road again.

Don't Forget to Call Ahead: There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination—only to discover that you forgot to make limo reservations! Calling San Diego Limo at least 24 to 48 hours in advance will ensure your driver can get you to your destination on time. San Diego Limo can also arrange for your return trip to the airport, and your driver can help you make your return reservation at the time of your initial journey.

San Diego Limo Transfer is one of the area’s most popular ways to get around town. Family owned and operated, locals have been using this chic service to get to events on time since 2012. The only complaint drivers Darian and Kayvon have received from their customers? That they wished the ride could have lasted longer. 

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