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Summer Safari Asian Celebration

Visit the Summer Safari Asian Celebration at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to immerse yourself in Asia's culture and meet wildlife along the way.

Your exciting safari experience includes seeing herds of rhinos, giraffes, antelope, zebras, and more roaming natural habitats, a choice of guided safari expeditions, and b

Breakfast with Santa at Safari Park

Enjoy a buffet breakfast with views of our wildlife, an animal presentation, and a visit with Santa Claus, all at our scenic Kilima Point.

Cheetah Run at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Check out the Cheetah Run at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and watch the fastest mammal in the world reach 70 miles per hour in just four seconds!

A butterfly inside the Butterfly Jungle exhibit
VIDEO: New Elephant Calf Born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Today, another addition has arrived to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, this time a male African elephant.
Travel Guide to San Diego
From Balboa Park to the Old Town, here are the areas that you need to visit while you're in sunny southern California