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SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego

500 SeaWorld Drive
San Diego, CA 92109
Hours vary depending on season and holidays.

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SeaWorld San Diego
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SeaWorld San Diego Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About SeaWorld San Diego

  1. Hours of Operation: SeaWorld San Diego's hours change depending on the season so make sure to check ahead before you plan a trip. The park is usually open from 10am - 6pm for all your sea life viewing pleasure.
  2. Rides: SeaWorld in San Diego is now home to five thrill rides to get your heart racing and blood pumping. Hop on the new thrill ride, The Manta, and soar through the air on this exciting SeaWorld San Diego attraction or get your poncho ready and head to Journey to Atlantis or Shipwreck Rapids to cool down on a hot summer day. Other attractions include Riptide Rescue and Wild Arctic Ride. For guests looking for a more mellow attraction, the Sky Tower and Bayside Skyride take you up in the air with gorgeous views of Mission Bay and the beaches of San Diego.
  3. Accessibility: All shows and attractions at San Diego SeaWorld are wheelchair accessible. SeaWorld San Diego also has stroller and wheelchair rentals to ensure all visitors can have a wonderful time at this popular San Diego theme park.
  4. Kennel Services: No one likes to leave their beloved pet at home while they go on vacation, so for guests traveling with a special canine companion, SeaWorld San Diego offers kennel services. This is available for $10 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Owners must bring their own food as well as bowls for food and water, but they may visit their pet as many times as they'd like and water is available on-site. San Diego's SeaWorld is located just minutes from the popular Ocean Beach Dog Beach where your four legged friends can run free and enjoy the San Diego sunshine with other canine buddies.
  5. Education and Conservation: SeaWorld San Diego strives to educate the masses on amazing sea life and spark a love of the ocean in us all. Education DVDs are available and each San Diego SeaWorld show educates visitors on the wonders of the ocean. With great camps and children's programs, kids can learn to love and respect the ocean while having a great time at SeaWorld San Diego.

Why It's Awesome: While San Diego SeaWorld offers an exciting adventure filled with flying through the air on The Manta and watching Shamu do tricks and seal lions perform, the park is also dedicated to helping wildlife and educating the public. SeaWorld forges the way in rescue and conservation programs to ensure that local and worldwide wildlife is protected and preserved. 

  • Educational Programs: SeaWorld in San Diego invites children and teens to dive into the various educational events to discover the depths of marine life and learn about ways in which they can personally help preserve the environment. Kids can spend the night with the dolphins and whales at a slumber party at the park or take part in the resident camps where they receive hands-on learning experiences and environmental education. In addition, teacher resources, in-depth school tours and home school educational programs are also available.
  • Rescue Programs: SeaWorld San Diego is committed to saving and rehabilitating animals that suffer from abandonment, injury or natural disasters. SeaWorld's rescue programs work to rehabilitate the victims and return them to the wild, while those animals whose injuries are too severe to return to their natural habitats are welcome to stay at the SeaWorld parks and receive long-term care.
  • Conservation: San Diego SeaWorld's passion for protecting and preserving wildlife doesn't stop at the aquarium's tank walls, but rather reaches worldwide as SeaWorld partners with more than 100 wildlife rescue and environmental programs such as the National Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund. SeaWorld supports education through the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which raises money and awareness for global wildlife research as well as habitat protection and conservation. 

The Local Scoop: Because SeaWorld is located so close to the Pacific Ocean and California coastline, SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue Team is permitted to respond to marine mammals in need of help. Upon rescuing the stranded mammals, the team examines, researches, nurses them back to health and then returns them to their natural homes.

  • Do Pack a Disposable Camera: Shamu has no mercy when you're sitting in the Splash Zone! Pack a disposable camera so you can capture all the exciting up close and personal moments with the killer whale without having to worry about your camera getting wet.
  • Do Visit the Sharks: The shark tank at SeaWorld is one of the largest underwater tunnels in the world. While you're viewing the underwater life, search for shark teeth along the edges of the tank as sharks continue to lose their teeth throughout their lives.
  • Don't Bring Your Own Food In: SeaWorld does not allow outside food or snacks into the park, except for water bottles, but there is a picnic area located across from the park entrance, just be sure to get your hand stamped for re-admittance. Food stands and restaurants are also conveniently located in the park as well.
  • Don't Lug Around Your Belongings: SeaWorld provides lockers for $9.00 so that you don't have to be loaded down with backpacks and diaper bags all day.

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