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Skydive San Diego

Skydive San Diego

Skydive San Diego
13531 Otay Lakes Rd
Jamul, CA 91935

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Skydive San Diego is Southern California’s premier skydiving center, where visitors can experience tandem skydives, group jumps, and more. Beginner classes offer even first first-time divers the chance to learn on the site, and then dive just hours later.

Top 5 things to know:

1. First-time jumpers are welcome.
First time divers get an instructional class before their tandem jump. A tandem jump means they are harnessed to a professional instructor. After the dive, they receive a "first jump" certificate. 

2. Experienced divers are also welcome.
In addition to tandem jumps, Skydive San Diego offers solo dives for experienced divers. Revolution Freefly and Canopy School offers courses for all experience levels.

3 Sky diving is safe.
The certified instructors at Sky Dive San Diego have completed 100,000 dives between them. Experienced instructors provide reassurance for inexperienced skydivers. These people have seen it all. Each diver wears a backup parachute, so there are no worries that the chute won't open.

4 Groups can dive.
Groups can ride on the same plane, and go up to altitude together before their jumps.

5 Skydiving is awesome.
It's an adventure like no other. Skydiving provides a way to see the world in a way that no other experience can. The rush of adrenaline combined with amazing scenery, and a sensational freefall creates unforgettable experience.

Why it's awesome:
Why is skydiving so awesome? It starts with the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the jump. Next is a plane ride to an altitude of 13,000 feet. Then, there's the exhilarating rush of a free fall, followed by a six or seven minute parachute ride before landing. 

The local scoop:
The San Diego area offers lots to see and do. There's the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park for people who love animals. There's Legoland for kids. Historic Old Town San Diego is full of museums for the artistic. Seaport Village offers shopping and entertainment for all ages. Birch Aquarium has sealife galore for fans of the aquatic. For the adventurous, there is only one destination: San Diego Sky Dive. Nothing compares to the view of the city from 13,000 feet altitude, and then freefalling for an entire minute before enjoying a scenic parachute ride. This experience, followed by an exhilarating landing, provides the adventure of a lifetime. 

Skydive San Diego Do's and Don'ts:
This list will help visitors come to Sky Dive San Diego prepared on the day of the jump. Following these tips will help ensure visitors get the best prices, the best experience, and adhere to all the rules so they are allowed to jump. 

Do wear comfortable clothing.
Dressing for the weather is encouraged. In hot weather, a t-shirt and shorts are great for skydiving. Cooler temperatures may call for a sweatshirt and jeans. Just be sure to wear athletic shoes. Tennis shoes are the preferred kind. Sandals and open-toed shoes are not appropriate for skydiving. Under no circumstances will skydivers be allowed to dive without shoes on.

Do ask for videos and still shots of your dive in advance.
This experience is a great one to document, and people cherish their skydiving videos and stills for a lifetime. Videoing the dive requires a little planning, so it's important to give plenty of advance notice. A deluxe video package is available. 

Do order the deluxe video package.
This is a great way to preserve a skydiving adventure. Order this package in advance to be sure there's time to arrange for videos and stills during the jump.

Do bring groups of 10 or more.
Groups of ten or more get a $20 discount per person as long as reservations are made in advance. San Diego Sky Dive actually specializes in group jumps, and their aircraft can take up to 23 jumpers to jump altitude. Friends who chose to be spectators can sit in the picnic area to watch their group members dive. It has picnic tables, shade tents, and a grill.

Do make reservations.
While reservations are not required, groups that make advance reservations qualify for a discount. Walk-ins can usually get a spot, but there are no guarantees that space will be available. Do expect there to be a few hours between class and the actual dive. 

Do tip the jumpmaster.
Visitors are welcome to give tips to the jumpmaster as a token of appreciation for offering the experience of a lifetime. While tips are not required, they're greatly appreciated by those who receive them.

Don't bring alcohol.
Alcohol is absolutely forbidden. Don't bring alcohol along to the Dive Center, even if the people who plan to dive aren't the ones consuming it. 

Don't bring pets.
Dogs and other pets are not allowed on airport property. Because the picnic area is also on the same property, spectators aren't allowed to bring dogs there to wait. 

Don't wear shoes with open toes.
This is important enough that it needs to be stressed. People who want to dive need to wear the proper type of shoes. This means wearing athletic shoes with closed toes. The landing isn't all that rough, but feet need to be completely covered.

Don't wear sandals.
Even if sandals cover the toes, they leave other parts of the foot exposed. Safety regulations require the feet be completely covered in order to dive. 

Don't show up barefooted. 
Walk down the beach without shoes all day long, but it's all about skydiving at Sky Dive San Diego. Once you get back to your resort, feel free to kick those shoes off and relax.


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