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San Diego Brewery Tours

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San Diego Brewery Tours

8th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Walking Tour: 2pm. Day Tour: 10am. Night Tour: 6pm.

San Diego Brewery Tours Information

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Top 5 Things to Know About San Diego Brewery Tours:

  1. Craft Beers: San Diego is home to more than 30 breweries with some responsible for having the highest alcohol content this side of the Northern Hemisphere. The San Diego Brewery Tours will introduce you to the local craft beers and the brewing process right here in San Diego.  
  2. Three Tours: Brewery tours San Diego invite guests on three different brewery tours including the walking, day bus and night bus tour. Each tour visits around three breweries and includes a guided tour and tastings.
  3. No Driving Required: The day and night bus tour feature transportation to each brewery, while the walking day tour obviously takes place by foot as each brewery is within walking distance of one another. The San Diego Brewery Tours also provide pickups and drop offs to designated locations. Guests can also request transportation to alternate areas within a 15-mile radius of the Gaslamp District.
  4. Breweries: Visiting the local breweries will give you a sneak peek at how the craft beer is created and what goes on behind the scenes of the keg and tap. Stone Brewery, Green Flash and Last Abbey are just a few of the brewery stops on the San Diego Brewery Tours.
  5. Age Restrictions Apply: Due to the drinking age restrictions, guests must be at least 21 years of age in order to partake in the San Diego Brewery Tours.

San Diego Brewery Tours invite you to visit the local San Diego breweries to learn about the art and craft that goes into creating the hoppy and earthy brews. Guests will learn about the brewing process and have the opportunity to sample the local craft beers of San Diego. The brewery tours San Diego offer pickups and drop offs at Old Town Transit Center, Bahia Hotel Lobby and the Town and Country Hotel, however other destinations can be requested so that you don't have to worry about getting behind the wheel after a knocking back a few beers. Brewery tours in San Diego make traveling from one brewery to another hassle free, again without the worry of having to drive, as the breweries are either located within walking distance of one another or bus transportation is otherwise provided. Brewery tours in San Diego want to ensure that you have a safe and worry-free experience.

Touring breweries in San Diego is made simple with the three brewery tours that are offered. The walking tour takes place in downtown San Diego and starts off at Karl Strauss Brewing Company, which is famous for its local IPAs. After a tour of that brewery, you stroll down to Rock Bottom Brewery, followed by a stop at the Yard House, which boasts fifty beer selections. Beer Co is next on the tour, where guests will sample more craft beers, and then the tour finally ends at rooftop bar Altitude. Brewery tours San Diego invites guests along for the bus day tour that begins at 10am and travels to three different breweries which may include the Green Flash, Stone Brewery, Last Abbey, Ballast Point or Iron Fist, and ends with lunch at either San Marcos Brewery or Oceanside Ale Works. At each of these stops, guests will learn about the brewing process and sample the local beers. The third of the brewery tours San Diego is a night bus tour that begins at 6pm and stops at breweries including Mission Brewery, Green Flash and Last Abbey, and finalizes with dinner at Pizza Port or San Marcos Brewery. 

  • Do Bring Your I.D.: Drinking laws and age requirements apply during the sampling tour, so be sure to pack proof of your legal age so you can indulge in all the beer sampling.
  • Don't Worry About Drinking and Driving: The San Diego Brewery Tours provide transportation so you can enjoy drinking without stressing about finding a safe ride home.

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