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San Diego Surf Lessons

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San Diego Surf Lessons

San Diego Surf Lesson
San Diego, CA 92109
9 a.m. & 1 p.m.
3 Hours

San Diego Surf Lessons Information

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Top 5 Things to Know About San Diego Surf Lessons

  1. Location: San Diego surf lessons are offered in Ja Lolla, where the sun is always shining and the waves are always rolling. La Jolla features calm and clear waters perfect for beginner surfers or surfers learning to brush up on their surfing skills.
  2. Instructors: The instructors that teach San Diego surf lessons ensure that your surfing experience will be both fun and safe. All the instructors are CPR certified and have first aid and life saving skills.
  3. Skills: There is a lot to take in when you're thrown into the water to surf for the first time, but La Jolla surf lessons provide you with the necessary instructions and information to get you you riding the waves. From paddling to popping up, the instructors will have you hanging ten in no time.
  4. Surf Etiquette: Unfortunately there are many unsaid ways to be polite and to offend while sharing the water with other surfers. Surf lessons San Diego will provide some insider knowledge so you don't unintentionally steal someone else's wave.
  5. Family Friendly: Surf lessons in San Diego offer a great family adventure and opportunity to bond. Children however must be at least 12 years of age and able to swim one lap in a 25-yard pool. Also any surf student under the age of 18 requires parental permission.

San Diego surf lessons are one hour long and take place in La Jolla. The professional and experienced surf teachers have CPR certification and have been instructed in life saving and first aid skills. The surf lessons San Diego instructors provide a safe environment to learn to surf in, while also providing instruction on ocean safety to their students. The co-ed group surf lessons San Diego offer an opportunity for first-time surfers to learn to catch a wave, but it is also the perfect refresher course for surfers looking to gain some more skills and knowledge.

San Diego surf lessons teach beginner surfers the basics of how to catch a wave. Beginning with balance techniques and progressing to paddling, the surf instructions offer a step-by-step course. Surf lessons San Diego also provide instruction on how to pop-up and eventually spot and catch the perfect wave. Before sending you on your way, the La Jolla surf lessons pass along some surf etiquette to ensure that you make friends and not foes in the water.

  • Do Bring Sunscreen: Especially if you opt not to wear a wetsuit during your San Diego surf lessons, it is a good idea to pack sunscreen so you can focus on your surfing instead of your skin burning.
  • Don't Be Cold: If you're worried about the water temperature, surf lessons San Diego students can rent wetsuits for $5.

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