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Top Dog Air Combat

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Top Dog Air Combat

Top Dog Air Combat San Diego
Montgomery Field
3750 John J Montgomery Drive
San Diego, CA

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Top 5 Things To Know About Top Dog Air Combat

  1. Adventure: Top Dog Air Combat gives you a taste of heart pounding, adrenaline pumping and interactive sky combat. When you're in the mood for lots of adventure, book a flight with Fly Airplane San Diego. You'll get to feel the thrill of flight and battle with Fly Airplane in San Diego. This is definitely one of the more unique activities in San Diego.
  2. Pre-Flight Briefing: You'll learn useful things about what you're going to be doing with Top Dog Air Combat. Fly Airplane San Diego makes sure that you feel comfortable with the instruction beforehand - and have any questions answered so that you'll know what to expect during your flight with Fly Airplane in San Diego. You'll be ready to hit the skies with Air Combat San Diego after the 45 minute pre-flight briefing.
  3. Actual Flight: During your flying adventure with Air Combat San Diego, you'll get to enjoy the experience for 45 to 55 minutes! That will give you plenty of time to get comfortable in the air and have tons of fun with Top Dog Air Combat. Fly Airplane San Diego makes sure that you get your fix of flying and combat fun over the course of close to an hour!
  4. Minimum Age: Top Dog Air Combat welcomes passengers who are at least ten years of age. If you've been on this planet for at least a decade, get ready to earn your wings with Fly Airplane San Diego. You'll get to soar through the skies and have an amazing time with Fly Airplane in San Diego. You've probably been wondering what flight combat is like - and now you'll get to find out with Air Combat San Diego.
  5. Dream Come True: You've seen flight combat in the movies. You've read about it in history books. Now you can see what it's like with Top Dog Air Combat. Make your dream come true by booking a flight with Fly Airplane San Diego - experience this flying adventure in a real airplane. You can add one more reason to your list of why San Diego is awesome.

Top Dog Air Combat invites adventure seekers and thrill lovers to the skies. Expect an adventure to remember with Fly Airplane San Diego! No pilot license is necessary to participate in this excursion with Fly Airplane in San Diego. Head here from your San Diego hotel with an open mind and spirit of adventure. Fly Airplane San Diego helps you put your fears aside with a pre-flight briefing that runs for 45 minutes. This gives you a chance to ask any questions that you have and become comfortable with Fly Airplane in San Diego.

Fly Airplane San Diego gives you 45 to 55 minutes of actual flying in the sky! Your pre-flight briefing will have given you all the necessary information about what to expect, and Top Dog Air Combat will let you do the "yankin' and bankin'" once you're in the sky! You've watched flight combat on TV and you've read about it in newspapers and books. Now you have the opportunity to experience flight combat yourself with Fly Airplane in San Diego. Among San Diego attractions, Top Dog Air Combat lets you have an especially unique experience.

  •  Do Be At Least Ten Years Old: Top Dog Air Combat requires that passengers are at least ten years old.
  • Don't Worry About Safety: Put your worries to rest during Top Dog Air Combat's 45 minute pre-flight briefing.

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