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San Diego Things To Do

The Broadway Pier is in downtown San Diego, near the USS Midway Museum.
Approximately 20 percent of military troops with mild brain injuries suffer from prolonged or lifelong symptoms, requiring continuing care.
Chargers Linebackers Play Dodge Ball June 10
Gather a team, throw on a wacky costume, and get prepared to find your inner child as you duck, dive and dodge flying balls at the Party Like An All-Star: Rock Star...
See Spot Surf in San Diego
Dogs and surfboards: two things that many San Diego residents own. But how many dogs do you know that can utilize those surfboards for more than chew toys?
Our part of San Diego is known for great beaches, restaurants, and shopping and in addition, here are my Top Ten Favorite Only-in-La Jolla Activities
The Spring Busker Festival is expected to draw more than 14,000 people.
The massive growth of the population over the last few years has brought businesses in droves to this San Diego-area community, but not too many businesses were...
The most common errors I see from beginners to mid- and even low-handicappers in putting are essential set-up fundamentals.
Here are some common drills that you can practice at home without your mind focusing on hitting a ball.
Tension in my opinion is possibly one of the worst flaws a golfer can include in their swing.
Walking La Jolla
As visitors to San Diego soon discover, those of us who live here are very active people.
It's important to provide you with a solid foundation of the basics and to motivate you to such an extent that you take on the responsibility to work on your game.
Did you know that you can't make a change in your swing until you know what it feels like?
Did you know it's not proper etiquette to stand on the intended line of putt, extending beyond the hole or behind the ball to see how the putt will break.


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