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Eskimo Blue Waters

Contact Eskimo Blue Waters at [email protected].

Judy Taylor Douché (Doo-Shay) is better known as Eskimo Blue Waters, an aspiring singer-songwriter heard regularly on The Mikey Show on FM 94.9. Originally from La Jolla, EBW now lives “anywhere I park my ‘Stang, dude.” Her “original” songs include Bluffing Face and You Got Me, Babe. She has dabbled in modeling, palm reading, yodeling, Ropera (Rock Opera), ventriloquism and ice cream making. You may have seen EBW perform at Troop 11’s Pinewood Derby or Pepe’s taco cart. She would eventually like a Website; for now, she can send you a fax of a handwritten press kit. Autographed Polaroids are available if you send a SASE. (Note: EBW is a fictional character portrayed by Lauren O'Brien of The Mikey Show on FM 94.9.)