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Fast Food From the Islands

FoodThe world of fast food is a changin, and Spam, believe it or not, is playing a part. McDonalds showed its first quarterly loss in fifty years recently, reflecting a world that’s growing tired of burgers and fries. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue hopes to exploit that with an injection of the exotic fast food of the Islands.

Hawaii is a land of many cultures: Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and of course American, and L&L’s menu reflects that diversity. You'll find a number of quick entrees of marinated beef chicken and pork marinated then grilled, making the authentic Hawaiian barbecue. The meals come with rice and macaroni salad, making what they call the authentic Hawaiian Plate Lunch (although it’s not on a plate, but a Styrofoam box).

 FoodSpam is also a big part of the Hawaiian diet, with more of that meat product consumed per capita there, than in any other state. Here it's wrapped into a sushi like roll, with rice, called Spam Musubi, and costs less than two bucks. They do bow to the burger crowd with the Island version, called Loco Moco. This is a burger steak, covered with a fried egg, and all that covered with loads of brown gravy. Check with your cardiologist before consuming this. But my favorite dish here was the BBQ Mix, with barbecue beef, chicken and short ribs. For six and a half bucks, it is an enormous portion of tasty food, that’s takes a bit longer than a burger and fries to make, but is worth the wait.

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  • City: National City
  • Phone: 619-336-6888
  • Name: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
  • Address: 1860 Sweetwater Road