Los Angeles’s South Bay is a metropolitan area consisting of near-coastal and coastal cities that can be found along Santa Monica Bay’s southern shore. South Bay is known for its scenic beaches and laid-back beach vibe. Residents and visitors of South Bay can enjoy the attractive coastal beach towns and a multitude of outdoor activities. 

South Bay's Shorelines

Residents of South Bay enjoy the easygoing lifestyle this location offers. It offers long hot summers ideal for hitting up the beach and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Winters are short and typically partly cloudy but mostly comfortable. South Bay is located on Santa Monica Bay’s southern shore, which offers gorgeous ocean views you’ll never get tired of seeing. 

South Bay's Many Nature Preserves

South Bay offers several preserves that can help you take a break from your busy life and enjoy the simplicity nature has to offer. Nature preserves in South Bay make up approximately 50,000 protected acres of land. There are a lot of things to enjoy about these locations, such as birdwatching both native and migratory birds, walking the trails, and enjoying the hundreds of plant and animal species found in South Bay. 

Job Opportunities in South Bay

Several military operations, including the Silver Strand Training Complex and the Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach, call South Bay home and offer plenty of military jobs. The aerospace industry is also prominent, offering lucrative careers at companies such as Boeing and Northrop Grumman. Popular companies such as Honda and Toyota have their United States headquarters here, which makes them great sources for jobs as well. 

Diverse Shopping

South Bay is a hot spot for a wide variety of places to shop. Del Amo Fashion Center is the largest mall located in the western part of the United States, featuring 350 stores to enjoy. The Redondo Beach Pier and International Boardwalk is another popular destination for shopping for clothing, gifts, souvenirs, beach items, and much more. 

South Bay Dining Options

The South Bay area features a large selection of dining options making it possible to find exactly what you’re in the mood for. There are restaurants with all types of cuisine available such as Spanish, French, Indian, Thai, and American. You can choose from the more upscale options with intimate settings for your Friday night date night or a more casual restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere to take the family to. There are also a number of bars and lounges featuring live music for when you’re in the mood for a night out with your friends.