San Diego is popular for its favorable climate, 70 miles of gorgeous coastline, attractions, museums, and much more. The city is 372.4 square miles and stretches almost 40 miles from north to south. There’s no question why this city has a population of nearly 1.4 million residents as of 2021, making it the eighth most populous city in the United States. There's a lot to love about San Diego, which is why many people relocate to this Pacific coast city. 

San Diego Schools 

San Diego has many different districts with over 800 schools, including 147 high schools. Almost 500,000 students go to public schools in San Diego, while a little over 50,000 are enrolled in private educational facilities. The city schools have an average rating of 9 out of 10, making them one of the top 20% in California. 

Diverse Neighborhoods 

There are over 100 neighborhoods and approximately 12 suburbs to choose from in San Diego, making it possible to find one that fits what you are looking for. When choosing the ideal region to move to, there are several factors to take into consideration, including the atmosphere, schools, amenities, entertainment, and public transportation. San Diego has neighborhoods with coastal laid-back vibes to ones that are more urban and everything in between. 

Flourishing Job Market 

The city offers many excellent career opportunities to explore. Some of the top careers are those at the Naval Base, educational careers, healthcare careers, and government careers. If you’re looking for a Fortune 500 company to start your career at, there are many suitable options, including companies such as Qualcomm and Autoliv

Things to Do 

One thing that residents love the most about San Diego is how much there is to do around the city. If you have children, there are endless family-friendly attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and Legoland California. If you are into arts and culture, there are over 90 museums in San Diego to explore. There are also a lot of outdoor recreational activities, including snorkeling, sailing tours around San Diego Bay, whale watching, and visiting the four nature reserves located around the city. 

Pristine Beaches 

San Diego is home to 31 beaches, the most popular ones being Pacific Beach and La Jolla Shores Beach. Some are great for having a bonfire with friends and family, some are ideal for letting your dogs run off-leash, while others are most popular for being a spot with the best waves for surfing. Since the weather in San Diego is beautiful, you’ll find yourself enjoying the beaches all year long.