Groups & Meetings

Are you thinking about holding a group event? Whether your organization is local or not, San Diego is one of the hottest destinations to consider. From the weather to attractions, there are many great reasons to choose this city for your next event. 

Meetings With Nice Weather and Tropical Views

If you’re looking for a destination where people will have to travel for group events and conferences, the weather here is a selling point. San Diego is a hot spot for tourists --- and for good reason. It’s known for its nice year-round weather, beautiful beaches, sunshine, and palm trees. 

When guests attend San Diego meetings, they’ll be able to drink in all the beauty the city offers. It can also provide a beautiful backdrop for your event. 

Top Attractions for Families and Singles in San Diego

Do you want a destination for your event that offers things to see and do? One of the best reasons to choose San Diego for your group is all of the attractions the city has to offer. When people attend your meeting, conference or other events, there is plenty for them to see and do before and after.

No matter your interests, there’s an attraction that will appeal to anyone in San Diego. The city is home to the picturesque Balboa Park. People looking for family-friendly attractions want to check out the world-renowned San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. Adults who want to enjoy nightlife will enjoy the Gaslamp Quarter, which features bars and restaurants — and is conveniently located next to the San Diego Convention Center

Venues That Offer Indoor and Outdoor Meeting Space

When planning San Diego meetings and other events, the options are endless. Some venues offer indoor and outdoor space for events. Having the opportunity to choose allows you to set the entire tone of your event. If you’re looking to plan a meeting with a more relaxed vibe, you might choose a beachfront resort. 

For larger meetings and conferences, you might consider holding it at the convention center, with its beautiful panoramic view of San Diego Bay. If you want to create a unique experience for your guests, you might even opt to hold your event aboard the boat at the Bahia Resort Hotel

Be sure to book your events well in advance, as San Diego's convenient location and picturesque setting draw many people each year.