San Diego Salons

Taking care of your hair in San Diego is serious business.  The sun, wind, ocean air, and a host of other things can do some damage that often requires upkeep, whether trim, chop, adding extensions, coloring, or treatments to keep your mane silky and shiny at all times.

Finding the right salon to help your hair stay looking great is an important part of the process.  There are hundreds of salons to choose from.  You’ll find hair experts in every neighborhood of the region.  Many have loyal customers who have been regulars for years.  Others have popped up more recently but still bring lots of “shear” talent to each head of hair.

If you’ve got a stylist who does a great job on your hair, knows what you like, and can offer tips to look your best, you probably don’t need to read any further.  Congrats!  This is one part of your life that is doing just fine.

But if your current stylist has retired, moved on to other things, or you feel you need to change, you won’t have much trouble finding the right person to wield a pair of scissors.

If you want to upgrade or treat yourself to an expert every once in a while, start your search by asking friends (especially those that you have hair envy for) and get the name of their chair master.  Yelp and similar sites are also great for leads and feedback when you want to change.  StyleSeat is a popular app where you can search for salons in your area and read honest customer reviews before you book. If you have curly or textured hair, it’s worth keeping an eye on the website Swivel.  

Once you’ve found a stylist, especially one with dedicated and loyal followers, start with a consultation.  Communicate what you want and make the stylist your partner, whether you’re looking for a completely new look or something better to complement your facial features and your hair’s makeup.  

Consider this an interview for an essential position in your personal company.  Listen not only to the advice but to how it’s delivered.  Is this person somebody you want to help you look your best?  Do you click, or is their personality offputting?  Let your gut guide your hair decisions.

A good stylist will consider your face shape, lifestyle habits, growth patterns, and how your hair looks when it's natural. They should prioritize your hair’s health and offer alternatives if your choice of cut or color isn’t optimal.  Make sure they cover aftercare and maintenance, too.

If you want to take a stylist for a test run, consider booking a blow-dry only the first time out and no cut.  It’s a great way to get a feel for the salon and ensure you and your new best friend have great rapport before any scissor work begins.

You’ve got hundreds of choices, but when money is not an object, here are a few high-end salons that men and women rave about.  

Headlines the Salon, Encinitas
Studio Savvy, Rancho Santa Fe
Salon on 30th, South Park
Bella Bella Salon & Boutique, Carlsbad
Fox and Jane Salon, Banker’s Hill

If they don’t work for you, plenty of others are a cut above when it comes to the serious business of taking care of your hair.