Sometimes life takes you down a path where becoming a renter makes more sense than owning your own home. Are you leaving your parent's home for the first time, maybe heading off to college? On the flip side of that, have your children grown up and left home, leaving you as empty-nesters? Or maybe you're nearing retirement, and you don't want to be bothered with all the upkeep that goes with being your own landlord. There are a number of types of rentals in the city to consider.

Houses for Rent in San Diego

Do you still want to live in an actual house rather than a high-rise or other apartment complex but are tired of having to worry about paying for a plumber or a roofer when the need arises? Renting a house makes a lot of sense in this regard. This way, you get the benefit of the space and privacy without the need to pay for all of the upkeep that normally goes into a home --- that falls on your landlord. 

Apartments and Multiunit Buildings

San Diego has plenty of high-rises and apartment complexes, but there are also lots of smaller buildings with far fewer units. You might find that half of a duplex would better suit your needs or somewhere where there are only four-, six-, or eight apartments to a building, so you get that smaller community feeling.

These are all great ways to reduce your living space, and the smaller structures mean there won't be hundreds of people sharing the common areas like parking lots and garages or laundry rooms. Plus, you can find apartment or duplex rentals nearly anywhere, including some luxury communities that have fantastic beach or coastline views.

Senior Living in San Diego

A niche market you'll find in any urban area is apartment buildings that cater to 55+-year-old renters, and San Diego is no different. There are many places where somebody who is retired or is approaching retirement age can find a place to call home.

For example, you can find places with 24-hour staff and an activities director to keep your event calendar packed. Others have luxurious amenities such as a golf course, swimming pool, and movie theater one site. Then if you're really looking for privacy, there are gated communities throughout the city. 

Just as San Diego is a diverse community, so are the places you can rent and live.