The San Diego area has over 70 miles of coastline to explore and enjoy. With all of this area by the ocean, it is only natural that there are many piers and boardwalks set up for tourists and locals to enjoy. These locales have many different things for you to explore. 

Fishing and Water Sports 

Naturally, if you are on a pier over the ocean, there is going to be a desire to have some fun in the water. Fishing is a long-time hobby and is one of the things San Diego is known for. Some locations will have tours available to take you out on the water to do some deep-sea fishing, or you might be able to fish right off the pier. Not all locations in San Diego allow public fishing, so check the regulations and get a fishing license before you go. 

While on the pier, you might notice people partaking in different water sports. San Diego is an amazing spot for surfing, but you can also find places for jet-skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving. 

Shop and Take Pictures 

Tourists flock to the ocean, and following them are shops selling just about anything, and piers often turn into small marketplaces. Mission Beach is a great example. With over two miles of oceanfront boardwalk, it is the largest in the state. Many shops on a boardwalk can rent you the gear for the water sports mentioned above, but finding good food and fun souvenirs won’t be hard to do. 

Being out on the water makes for a unique opportunity to get gorgeous pictures of the ocean at sunset. Whether you hire a professional or use your smartphone to snap some selfies, you won’t find a better view than the one at the end of a San Diego pier. 

Fun and Games 

When people think of piers, amusement parks often come to mind. Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and eating funnel cake while you overlook the crashing waves all make up the fantasy of a night on the pier. San Diego makes this fantasy a reality. 

You can find a variety of attractions and entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy. If roller coasters aren’t your thing, you can try mini golf, bumper cars, or even rock climbing walls at different places throughout the city. Remember that different locations have different attractions, so always do your research before you visit each site.