San Diego's natural beauty can be seen all across the city and the greater area of Southern California. If you are interested in spending some time outdoors in San Diego, you'll need information about the different types of experiences you can find in the surrounding locations. 

Beaches and Cliffs 

San Diego is famous for its beautiful Pacific shores. Several of the most popular beaches in the area are actually found in natural state parks. Probably the most recognizable beach is La Jolla beach, which also happens to be a park. 

If you are looking to spend a day near the water getting a tan or looking for great local spots to scuba dive, you will surely find something close to the city without having to travel too far. Parks in San Diego also offer some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park has naturally formed cliffs that overlook the ocean. This park contains some of the best views and occasionally may be a spot for the daring cliff jumper. Viewing the natural beauty of the vast Pacific is one of the great things about San Diego. 

Historic Parks 

Some parks are places for flora and fauna to be protected and grow, and others preserve the history of the area. Of the parks in San Diego, you will find that many of them contain little pieces of the story of the area throughout. Balboa Park, for example, has a variety of museums recording and celebrating the arts, history, and science and is a great spot to spend a relaxing day in nature. 

There is also a historic park in Old Town San Diego, which is rich in Mexican and early American history. These parks, and others like them, are dedicated to honoring and remembering where the city came from and how it became the center of civilization it is today. 

Nature Reserves 

San Diego county contains a wide variety of wildlife, some of which are endangered and require protection. In order to protect the wildlife and their habitats, places like Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. These areas are similar to parks and often contain camping sites and hiking trails surrounded by nature. These trails may not be the well-traveled ones you’re used to as they try to keep them as close to their natural state as possible. The existence of nature reserves is the first line of defense against the extinction of animals.