With its beautiful scenery and nice year-round temperatures, San Diego is an ideal destination for events. If you run a group or organization, you might consider holding your meetings in the city. The good news is there are many perks to doing so and many places to book.

Attractions That Guests Can Enjoy in San Diego 

Looking for a reason to hold your groups and meetings in San Diego? The real draw to the city is its beautiful weather and laid-back vibe. This makes it the perfect place to hold both indoor and outdoor events. 

There are also plenty of things to see and do. From its gorgeous beaches and the picturesque Balboa Park to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, many nearby attractions are worth checking out. If your guests are coming from a distance to attend your group’s meeting, they can make an entire vacation out of San Diego while they’re at it --- or at the very least, fit in some entertainment. 

Different Venues Offer San Diego Meetings 

Wondering what types of venues offer meetings in San Diego? The possibilities are endless. You might consider holding a large event at the San Diego Convention Center. A number of San Diego hotels also have meeting rooms available to rent out. One of the most impressive options is the Bahia Resort Hotel, which offers two meeting rooms and a boat where you can hold events for your group or organization. 

Venues That Allow Outdoor Meetings

There are several venues and hotels in San Diego that offer outdoor set-ups that are perfect for groups. The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park is a Hollywood Bowl-style concert venue equipped for groups ranging from 50 to 3,000 people. The Hotel del Coronado offers outdoor space on its Windsor Lawn, accommodating up to 700 guests.

Hotels and Venues With Scenic Views

Want to give your guests something to remember when they attend a meeting in San Diego? The city is known for its scenic and tropical views. Whether you hold your event indoors or out, you can opt for a beachfront or bayfront hotel or venue to ensure your guests feel relaxed. Why not accommodate your guests with a beautiful view of San Diego Bay or one of the city’s many beautiful beaches? It will leave them with great memories of your meeting or event.