In California, it's legal to smoke marijuana recreationally for adults age 21 and older. As such, there are dispensaries all over the state, including several in the San Diego area. However, you should know that many have strict requirements for purchasing and can deny sales.

Visiting a Dispensary in San Diego

When visiting a dispensary, most typically run in an orderly fashion. You'll be required to show a valid government-issued ID showing you are over 21. This means a state ID, driver's license or passport. After that, a sales agent will take you around the store to explain products and learn your interests. Dispensaries typically only allow a certain number of people in at a time, and it's all sales-guided. Most places will not allow you to roam freely due to the nature of the products. Also, some facilities may have a limit as to how much you can buy in a single visit.

Products You Can Find in San Diego Dispensaries

Most dispensaries have different types of cannabis, as well as different products with cannabis in them. For example, you can buy straight-up marijuana, known as a flower, both for medical and recreational use at many facilities. To get the medical-grade stuff, you'll need a prescription. The age limit is a little lower, too. Those buying medical-grade marijuana with a medical card must be 18 or older.

Other products include edibles, which can be gummies, dried foods, and even drinks that contain varying levels of THC. The sales agents can walk you through the strengths and recommend products based on the user's experience.

Then there are extractions, or applications, that contain CBD. These are used more for pain management or to treat conditions such as anxiety and depression. CBD products may come in various forms. These include patches and tinctures, as well as sprays and serums.

Things To Be Aware of When Visiting San Diego Dispensaries

People smoke marijuana for different reasons. However, there are strictly-enforced rules that you must follow when purchasing and using cannabis. If you're visiting the state of California, you must show a valid ID from your state or your passport. When returning home, remember it is unlawful to take any amount of it over state lines. Do not take it home as a souvenir.

Also, when visiting federally-owned properties, leave the cannabis home — it's illegal to possess and/or use on federal property. And don't drive while under the influence — it's considered a DUI offense.

When in doubt about the laws, ask at the dispensary. They're required to stay up-to-date on regulations on everything cannabis. Feel free to also contact law enforcement if you're unclear about the specific laws in the state.