Whether you're looking for beachfront real estate or a vibrant neighborhood, San Diego has something for everyone. This coastal city has an incredible demographic mix, great weather, a beautiful coastline, interesting neighborhoods, and light traffic.

A Quick Look at the Population

As of 2022, the population is about 1.4 million, with a growth rate of 0.57%. With 37% of residents below 18 being Hispanic, it's already ethnically diverse, and that number is projected to grow rapidly. San Diego is also home to a large immigrant population, who collectively speak 68 languages. 

Wonderful Weather Year Round 

Almost all year round, San Diego's climate is pleasant. The city experiences some of its hottest months in the summer and fall, with an average temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The nighttime hovers around 51 degrees. 

While San Diego's climate generally is mild and dry, it tends to be wetter during the winter months than during the summer months. It is possible to swim in the ocean all year long without a wetsuit. Although the ocean temperature is typically about 67 degrees throughout the year, you may want to bring a sweater if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.

A Spectacular Coastline

From La Jolla to Point Loma, the coastline offers stunning views and plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. Hit the surf, kayak, or soak up the sun's rays, the coastline is waiting.

Unique Neighborhoods

There are many unique neighborhoods in San Diego, each with its unique character. Whether you're looking for the hustle and bustle of city life or a quaint town feel, you can find them here. La Jolla, for example, offers a resort-like atmosphere while allowing residents to enjoy the beaches and city skyline. Another picturesque San Diego neighborhood, Del Mar, is a great place to raise a family. It offers excellent public schools and plenty of outdoor activities.



San Diego Transportation

San Diego has a well-developed network of roads. Eight highways and four interstate freeways serve this major city, making it easy to get from place to place. While traffic can be a bear at rush hour, there's a scenic route the entire way. 

If you don't drive, you can bike through many areas, or you can hire a rideshare or take the trolley. 

Award-Winning Restaurants

Some of the city's restaurants have been recognized by Michelin Guide because they offer excellent cuisine, wine lists, and ambiance. Seafood is one of the best things San Diego has to offer. From fresh, locally grown vegetables to well-curated steaks, the city's culinary scene has developed rapidly over the years. You can visit Little Italy or the Asian Pacific areas, as well, for a true taste of their cultures.