San Diego is known for the marine life that surrounds its shores. It is, after all, home to SeaWorld, an entire park dedicated to the protection and conservation of these animals. Naturally, with sea creatures being such a big part of the economy of the city, it makes sense that San Diego is home to some of the best aquariums in the country. 

What Are Aquariums For? 

While tourism is part of the aquarium equation, it's not the only factor. Animal Preservation and habitat preservation are big goals for aquariums across the country. Being able to show off cool creatures is a great opportunity to help bring awareness to the dangers affecting their natural habitat and what we can do to help them. These facilities hold many endangered species and keep them from extinction. 

Aquariums are also great hubs for education, teaching kids and adults the wonders of our oceans and the creatures in them. On top of all of that, they are awesome spots for dates, field trips, or family adventures that are fun for all ages. 

What Can You Do at an Aquarium? 

Different aquariums offer slightly different experiences. For example, there are many aquariums that are a part of the SeaWorld park, so visiting one of them may give you access to all of the different amenities at SeaWorld. Something most aquariums provide is the opportunity to touch and feel the creatures. Younger kids will be able to touch bat rays and other creatures that can't hurt them. For the daring adults and older kids, you may be able to enjoy an opportunity to get in the water with dolphins, whales, and all sorts of other wildlife. Other exhibits allow you to feed some of the creatures or watch them as they swim and enjoy their habitat. 

Special Features

One thing almost every aquarium has is live shows. During these events, a knowledgeable expert will come out and bring you in close contact with some of the most interesting creatures. While you’re having fun with these animals, you will also learn all kinds of interesting facts about them and maybe even interact with one. 

If you didn't get enough fun while you were at the aquarium, some of them even offer live video feeds on their website for free. One popular Aquarium that is not a part of SeaWorld is the Birch Aquarium. The Birch Aquarium has free live streams on its website to see many ocean critters.