North County is a popular location for residents and visitors of California to gather. It's located right between the city of San Diego and Disneyland in Anaheim. This area has a rich history and is home to some of the most influential people in the county. There are also many things to do nearby and plenty of outdoor trails and hikes for you to explore. 


The North County Inland region is part of the San Diego County metropolitan area. This area is known for being the most affluent part of the area, filled with influential corporations known to hire a large number of people in the area. The metropolitan area, including North County Inland, is actually the largest metropolitan center shared by Mexico in the United States. The area was originally developed after the founding of San Diego and was mainly used for military bases. In fact, there are still several military bases active in North County. 

Activities and Attractions 

There are great activities to entertain you and many attractions that will show you the great nature and history of the region. If you love golfing, you will find that there are many golf courses to choose from. Due to the year-round warm or temperate weather, there is always a reason to get out on the course. 

One large attraction to the area is gambling at casinos. North County has several Native American tribes and reservations that are open for having fun while gambling. A popular spot for a great view is the Desert View Tower, located on the eastern edge of North County. This tower has a museum and some artistic sculptures to go along with a beautiful view of the Colorado Desert. Finally, North County is just an hour's drive away from Disneyland, one of the most popular destinations in the world. 

Hiking and Camping

The natural beauty of this area makes it a great spot for hiking trails, climbing mountains, four-wheeling, or just about any other outdoor activity that you might enjoy. The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California (second largest in the United States) and is located right in North County Inland. This park has over 500 miles of trails and hiking paths to explore, making it a place you can visit again and again and still not see all of it. 

If you enjoy camping, this area of San Diego county is perfect. The state park and the desert surrounding it is a dark-sky zone which means that you will always have a beautiful view of the stars in the night sky while out camping.