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Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach
6800 Neptune Pl
La Jolla, CA 92039

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San Diego Windansea Beach is located in the area of La Jolla. Ever since the 1940's Windansea Beach has been known as a hot spot for surfing as it later gathered additional surfer attention thanks to the Windansea Surf Club. The Windansea Surf Club's original members including famous San Diego surfers Chuck Hasely, Mike Hynson, Skip Frye and Billy Caster frequented the surf spot during the 1960's and created the club in order to enter a surf contest in Malibu. 

Today Windansea Beach in San Diego is still a well regarded surf location because of its steep ocean floor slopes, which create powerful waves. Modern day surfers flock to this beach to ride the same waves that the historic and famous surfers of the past once caught. However, due to the strong shore-break, swimming, diving and snorkeling is not recommended in San Diego Windansea Beach

In addition to its noteworthy surf, the Windansea Beach in San Diego is known for its handmade palm-covered shack that sits in the sand on the shore. Referred to as the San Diego Windansea Beach Surf Shack, it is a protected historical landmark. According to the beach legends, the Surf Shack was built in 1946 by local surfers and was the location of Polynesian luau beach parties. The Surf Shack represents the carefree luau days of San Diego Windansea Beach as it was once a popular destination for beach partiers especially during the 1950's. Windansea Beach is now home to colorful San Diego culture and is well respected by the locals. This San Diego beach has continued to keep a low profile since its prime surfer days as it only offers 16 parking spaces and no public facilities such as water fountains, restrooms or showers.

  • No Public Facilities: There are no public showers or restrooms located at the beach.
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty during the summer and most weekends.

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