Explore Professional Growth at the AVID Summer Institute 2024 San Diego

Join educators from across the country at the AVID Summer Institute 2024 San Diego, July 31 to August 2, for a focused event on building skills to support student college and career readiness. This immersive three-day institute centers on practical workshops, shared learning, and networking, all in the engaging setting of San Diego.

Key Takeaways

  • The AVID Summer Institute is an intensive 3-day event providing educators with instructional strategies and networking opportunities to promote college and career readiness for students.

  • Participants can earn graduate-level extension credits applicable towards degree programs and salary advancement, reflecting the institute’s value for educators’ professional development.

  • Attendees will experience San Diego’s diverse cultural offerings and have access to specially negotiated accommodation rates, enriching the professional development experience with leisure activities.

AVID Summer Institute 2024: San Diego Experience


This year, the AVID Summer Institute is scheduled for July 31 to August 2, spanning three action-packed days. This event is far more than a standard professional development course. It’s a comprehensive learning experience that allows attendees to participate in one of the most sought-after summer institutes:

  • Develop implementation plans for their schools for the upcoming year

  • Attend workshops and sessions led by experienced educators

  • Network with other educators and share best practices

  • Gain valuable insights and strategies for student success

Conducted in the lively city of San Diego, the AVID Summer Institute focuses on providing educators with training and strategies to support college and career readiness for students. To bolster this focus, the institute offers unique opportunities for educators to engage in site team collaboration and enjoy a new general session experience, both of which we will delve into next.

Site Team Collaboration

The AVID Summer Institute is a platform where educators focus on improving college and career readiness. Specific sessions are designed to enable site teams to collaborate and plan effectively. Site teams utilize the Continuous Improvement Cycle to set educational goals, form action plans, and track progress, enhancing the implementation of AVID’s College and Career Readiness System.

Furthermore, dedicated time is allocated to work collaboratively, with resources like goal-setting templates and materials for meeting support provided through the AVID Site Team Portal. The connection among educators extends beyond the duration of the institute through the Site Team Portal, which facilitates year-round engagement and collaboration among participants.

New General Session Experience

The AVID Summer Institute 2024 introduces a new general session experience led by a Master of Ceremonies. This session is designed to:

  • Foster connections among educators

  • Create an engaging structure

  • Showcase compelling narratives from both students and educators

  • Enhance the educational impact of the presentations

Moreover, the session offers:

  • Tailored learning paths to meet the specific needs and goals of individual site teams

  • An immersive live event that unites all attendees

  • Opportunities for professional networking and shared learning

Professional Learning Opportunities


The AVID Summer Institute goes beyond the conventional approach to professional development. It offers additional learning options that support educators in their professional growth. These include AVID Ignite, a virtual learning option that provides resources for planning and inspiration for educators, driving the implementation of best practices and working collaboratively at a local level.

Another valuable resource is AVID ElevateXP, a digital learning experience that fosters the creation of engaging learning communities to support student success in blended learning environments. Let’s explore more about these learning opportunities in the following sections on Communities of Practice and Workshop Selections.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice sessions at the AVID Summer Institute are designed to cater to the diverse needs of educators, accommodating various learning styles and schedules. These sessions are not just about imparting knowledge; they’re about fostering a supportive environment that encourages collaborative learning.

Workshop Selections

The workshops at the AVID Summer Institute cover a wide range of topics. These workshops ensure there is valuable content for educators with various roles and interests.

The curriculum of the workshops is designed to promote high student achievement and offers pathways to success, accommodating the needs of the diverse educator audience.

Credit Validation and Advancement

One standout feature of the AVID Summer Institute is the opportunity it provides for credit validation and advancement. Participants can earn graduate-level extension credit for their previous work in trainings, workshops, and conferences through a simple process. This credit is not just a formality. It’s a form of graduate-level extension credit that attendees may utilize towards salary advancement and progress towards a graduate degree.

Earning this credit involves the complete process of the training, including:

  • Pre-work

  • Active participation

  • Completion of all assignments

  • Active collaboration during Site Team time

Let’s delve deeper into how you can choose to make your work count and check your progress in the next section.

Making Your Work Count

The credits earned through the AVID Summer Institute are more than just a badge of honor. They can be applied towards a graduate degree, as many institutions accept these credits. Moreover, earning graduate-level extension credits may lead to salary advancements for educators by meeting criteria set by their employers or school districts.

These credits obtained from professional development activities serve as an investment in an educator’s career, aiding in professional growth and higher qualifications. Making the effort to earn professional development credits is crucial not just for personal enrichment but also for achieving career milestones such as salary increase and academic recognition.

Exploring San Diego During the AVID Summer Institute

San Diego Weather

Balancing professional development with leisure, the AVID Summer Institute 2024 offers the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful city of San Diego. Attendees can explore world-famous destinations such as the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, and USS Midway Museum. For those seeking unique experiences, San Diego presents opportunities such as taking part in Speedboat Adventures or visiting LEGOLAND California.

But the city has more to offer. Let’s explore the attractions at San Diego Bay and the cultural experiences at Balboa Park in the following sections.

San Diego Bay Attractions

San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay is home to the Maritime Museum of San Diego, offering an insight into maritime history through a collection of historical sea vessels.

If you’re looking for a scenic ride, the Coronado Ferry provides a picturesque view of the city’s skyline and waterfront.

Cultural Experiences in Balboa Park

Japanese Friendship Garden Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a hub for diverse cultural experiences, featuring a variety of museums, gardens, and performing arts venues. Attendees can immerse themselves in different traditions at the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, explore Chicano, Latinx, and Indigenous arts at the Centro Cultural de la Raza, or engage with Japanese culture and garden design at the Japanese Friendship Garden - a truly unique place.

For fine arts enthusiasts, San Diego offers a variety of cultural attractions, including:

  • The San Diego Museum of Art, which showcases a broad range of artworks

  • The award-winning Old Globe Theatre, where visitors can enjoy a variety of productions

  • The Spreckels Organ Pavilion, home to the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ

These attractions provide a rich and diverse arts experience for visitors to enjoy, capturing unforgettable moments.

Accommodations and Travel Discounts

To ensure a comfortable stay during the AVID Summer Institute, AVID has negotiated group rates for hotel accommodations. These group rates are available at a variety of hotels, from economy to luxury properties, ensuring options for every budget and preference. Attendees can find discounted accommodations by searching for specific event-related deals.

Let’s explore how to save money on lodging by learning how to book smartly in the next section.

Save Money on Lodging

Affordable lodging options near the AVID Summer Institute venue can be sought by looking for exclusive discounts offered to event participants. AVID has negotiated group rates for event participants at certain hotels, which can be booked through their official hotel accommodations page.

To give you an idea, hotel room rates for the AVID Summer Institute attendees start at $275 per night for single occupancy before taxes and fees.

Networking Opportunities

The AVID Summer Institute is not just about learning; it’s also about connecting. The institute offers a new general session experience designed to unify all participants and provide a platform for networking. This is a golden opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and share ideas.

Let’s delve deeper into how you can meet fellow educators in the next section.

Meet Fellow Educators

The AVID Summer Institute includes dedicated networking sessions for participants to foster connections with fellow educators. Educators have the opportunity to engage in activities, such as the ‘Educator Exchange’ and ‘Connect & Reflect’ discussions, designed to facilitate professional interactions and idea sharing.

Additionally, attendees can participate in team-building exercises, which aim to generate camaraderie and collaboration among educators. Break times during the day are purposefully structured to allow educators to meet and converse with peers, exchanging insights and experiences in a relaxed environment.


The AVID Summer Institute 2024 in San Diego is not just a professional development event; it’s an all-encompassing experience that combines learning, networking, and cultural exploration. Whether it’s the unique site team collaboration opportunities, the new general session experience, the professional learning opportunities, the credit validation and advancement options, or the chance to explore San Diego, the institute offers an enriching and rewarding experience for all attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AVID Summer Institute?

The AVID Summer Institute is a professional learning event designed to enhance college and career readiness through site team collaboration, general sessions, professional learning, and networking opportunities.

What are the dates for the AVID Summer Institute 2024?

The AVID Summer Institute 2024 is scheduled to take place from July 31 to August 2.

Can I earn graduate-level extension credit at the AVID Summer Institute?

Yes, participants can earn graduate-level extension credit for their previous work in trainings, workshops, and conferences.

What are some attractions I can visit in San Diego?

You can visit attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, USS Midway Museum, Maritime Museum, and Balboa Park during your trip to San Diego. Enjoy your visit!

Are there any discounted accommodations for attendees?

Yes, you can find discounted accommodations through the negotiated group rates for hotel accommodations provided by AVID for the event.