What better way is there to experience San Diego Bay or Mission Bay, than with alcoholic beverages, a yacht, an onboard DJ, and good company? There is a reason that booze cruises are popular, but pair them with the beauty of a sunset cruise or the fun of a boating experience that lets you see all the sights of San Diego, CA, and you’re set!


There are a range of different booze cruise options in San Diego, from public sunset cocktail hours to private boat charters, and everything in between. You can enjoy wine, champagne, and other booze options as you board a boat in the marina and sail around San Diego Bay.


Let’s go through some of the top options when it comes to boozy bay cruises in San Diego. With so many great options, you can book with a huge group, or even by yourself. It’s not a bad way to meet people and have an adventure if you’re up for it!


The Best 5 Booze Cruises in San Diego

San Diego City Cruises

While there are plenty of options for you to charter your own boat, we’ve gone ahead and selected some of the top public booze cruise options, along with a Duffy boat charter option, based on what the most popular San Diego cruise options are.


Each option should cater to your needs in some way, whether it's a private boat charter or a yacht, allows kids or doesn't, or even just has a good location on the dock.


If you find a San Diego boat that happens to feel like a private charter, but for a fraction of the cost, you could be happy with this. Maybe, though, you're having an event that really does require a boat charter.


So, let’s get into it!


1. City Cruise Sights & Sips Sunset Cruise

The Sights & Sips cruise offers a unique happy hour setting that includes hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and drink specials. It's like a party, but you also get to cruise San Diego as you drink.


The Space


Formerly known as Hornblower Cruises, you can cruise San Diego with this reputable, established company.


With an indoor and outdoor dining space, you can choose how immersed you want to be in the ocean breeze. Maybe you’ll choose to grab a bit inside and then head out to the open-air deck with your drink.


What to Expect


The 1.5-hour cruise is complete with live DJ entertainment and views as you cruise San Diego Bay. You can expect to see the Coronado Bridge, a stunning sunset, and maybe even some wildlife.




At $52 for adults, the cruise runs from 6:30 to 8 pm, though you’ll board as early as 6 pm. If you want to make it a family event, kids can join, though they’ll stick to lemonade or sparkling cider, for example, and their tickets cost a bit less, at $40.


  • 1800 N Harbor Dr

Set sail with City Cruises! City Cruises hosts daily dinner cruises and can customize charters to fit any budget. So think about City Cruises when celebrating your wedding, corporate outing or family event & vacation. Formerly known as Hornblower, City Cruises features a San…

2. Mai Tai Boat Charters Sunset Booze Cruise

Boat charters are a wonderful way to cruise San Diego in style.


What to Expect


This sunset booze cruise runs from Monday to Thursday as a 3-hour way to cruise San Diego Bay. A great way to take a weekday happy hour to the next level, you’ll be able to bring plenty of friends along for the ride.




You’ll get beer and wine included in your $1500 flat fee, which can accommodate up to 12 people. For an added $50 per person, you’ll switch to an open bar option which includes unlimited cocktails, mixers, and their famous namesake Mai Tais.


The option is more costly than the general, public booze cruises on the bay, but is perfect for a private party, reunion, birthday, and more.


3. Duffy of San Diego Captained Wine Cruises


Quite a popular option for medium-sized groups, Duffy boat charters offer a great way to set the tone that you want for any outing on the bay, including a booze cruise. You can choose to relax, celebrate an event, or turn it into a full-on party!


What to Expect


There used to be the option to split boat charters with other parties if you had less than 6 people, which will likely return in the future. That option offered private table space for each group to enjoy a shared, but still separate experience.


Now, the 90-minute experience requires boat charters to be for an individual party, which includes up to 6 people. You’ll get a full bottle of California wine per every 2 passengers to split, as well as a charcuterie board-style snack to help you enjoy a relaxing, boozy sailing experience.


You can also purchase additional bottles of wine as you wish, so no worries that your boat will run dry! Grab some more wine and party on.




Since this is an individual option, the timing and dates of the charter are more flexible, and prices begin at $349 for the group, or under $60 a person. Not a bad deal, if you ask us.


4. Flagship Cruises Spirits at Sunset Cocktail Cruise

The Spirits at Sunset Cocktail Cruise runs in the summer when the sun sets later and your experience can be warmer.


What to Expect


As you relax aboard your boat and cruise beneath the Coronado Bridge, enjoy hors d’oeuvres, other small bites, and dessert dishes along with California wine, local beer, champagne, or a specialty cocktail.


Just because this is a spirits-based cruise doesn’t mean that the food is less than exquisite. With a range of dips, veggies, cheeses, ahi tuna, chicken, beef empanadas, and more, you’re sure to enjoy the snacks just as much as your drinks.




You’ll be able to book this booze cruise on the weekends, and it will run for 2.5 hours from 6 to 8:30 pm as you sail along 25 miles of San Diego Bay. Only adults 21+ are allowed to this party, which begins at $45.


The sun will set as you sip and sail, making this the most popular summer cruise trip that the company offers- and for good reason!


5. Cruise San Diego Sunset Boat Tour

Harbor sunset

This sunset boat tour operates year-round and comes with a full bar as you cruise the calm waters of Mission Bay.


What to Expect


It might not be a private boat, but this event allows you to have plenty of space aboard the boat so that you can make the most of your Mission Bay sunset cruise.


Cruise San Diego allows you to enjoy good music and an intimate, low-key feel while having access to all the alcoholic beverages you might want. The cruise lasts for 75 minutes and is a great introduction to Mission Bay and all it has to offer.


Cruise times change as the sunset time in San Diego does, so you can expect varying hours throughout the seasons.




A fun option for date night, a friend gathering, or even a family party where the parents can have some alcohol, adult tickets cost $39, and kids are $35.


Sail on San Diego BaySan Diego dinner cruise

Boat tours around San Diego are not hard to come by, but finding a good mixture of the sun(set), alcohol, and good space can make all the difference as you make your way around the waters of San Diego.


Whether your goal is to go all out on a booze cruise, or you'd rather just make sure to enjoy some beverages on whichever one of the bay cruises you choose, there are enough boats and experiences to fit your needs.


You can get ready for your next event and celebrate a holiday, anniversary, or promotion on a private charter, or simply find one of the boats that leave the harbor for daily tours.


Did we catch all your favorites? Let us know! @sandiegodotcom on socials.