2024 Cruises out of San Diego

From America's Finest City, you can embark on San Diego cruises to experience the beauty of Mexico's Riviera coastline, Hawaii's tranquillity, or even traverse through the Central American marvel - the Panama Canal.

With a range of world-renowned cruise lines sailing from its cruise terminal, you can explore diverse destinations around the globe and plan their ideal getaway departing from this unique city. If you're looking for all the best tips to plan your dream cruise from San Diego, we've got you covered. Read on for more information on the best sailings, destinations, and cruise lines operating out of San Diego for an unforgettable journey at sea.

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Short Summary

  • Explore San Diego's top cruise destinations, from the Mexican Riviera to Hawaii and the Panama Canal.

  • Find great deals on luxurious cruises with the best cruise lines departing from San Diego.

  • Prepare for your dream getaway by researching options and taking necessary steps ahead of time for a stress-free experience!

Top San Diego Cruise Destinations Departing 2024

San Diego is home to a variety of cruise options, from the Mexican Riviera's sunny beaches and Hawaii's picturesque landscapes to voyages through the renowned Panama Canal. As you sail off on an adventure full of diverse cities, white-sand shorelines, and fascinating cultures - provided with top-notch service by prestigious cruise lines - expect your journey to be truly unforgettable.

Cruises from San Diego offer travelers across the globe everything they need for their experience: world-class facilities plus amazing locations perfect for exploration!

Mexican Riviera Cruises

Cabo San Lucas

If you're looking for the best 2024 Mexico cruises, consider departing from San Diego. Cruising around the Mexican Riviera from San Diego is a fantastic way to explore culture, history, and adventure while visiting stunning places like Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. For that classic reminder of Old Town San Diego, try taking your trip from late November until February when there's more sunshine. Just like at the famous 'San Diego Zoo'.

On-board activities can be tailored to suit all preferences. Disney Wonder Cruise offers family entertainment (with its five clubs plus seven adult areas), but they also feature six gourmet dining options as well as giving people an opportunity to meet some beloved characters!

The perfect combination of relaxation coupled with excitement awaits you on this remarkable cruise through Mexico's Riviera. Create amazing holiday memories for years by venturing off along this blissful voyage today!

Hawaiian Island Cruises from San Diego. Are there any?


For those seeking a paradise escape, the perfect choice is to take Celebrity Cruises' 15-day Hawaiian Island Cruise. With stops in Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui, you'll have an extraordinary experience soaking up the beauty of these exciting destinations. Starting from just $1,799 per person, this cruise will give you lasting memories as well as luxurious accommodations with all activities included onboard.

Enjoy embracing aloha on your journey by exploring tropical rainforests while discovering unique cultures and traditions at each island's ports of call. Be sure to enjoy every moment, it truly makes for one magical trip!

Panama Canal Cruises from San Diego. Are there any?

For a luxurious and unforgettable journey, choose to take one of the Panama Canal cruises offered by Holland America. Onboard these cruise lines you will witness an amazing feat of engineering as your ship passes through the locks on its way across Central and South American destinations such as Cartagena in Colombia or Puntarenas in Costa Rica.

From top-notch service to activities for all ages, there are plenty of options available so that everyone can find their ideal itinerary which makes it a truly remarkable experience!

Best Cruise Lines Departing from San Diego in 2024

When planning for a cruise out of San Diego, travelers have several top-tier options to choose from. Luxury Princess Cruises and the renowned Celebrity Cruise Line offer an array of itineraries and experiences that can appeal to any traveler’s preference. While Holland America has become well known for its service, it has become well known for its service. Their Pacific Coast journeys or those through the Panama Canal. For an especially magical experience, Disney Cruise Lines offers world-class amenities all around the globe creating unforgettable memories with every step they take on board one of their cruises.

Princess Cruise Line

Cruise with Princess Cruise Line and experience the ultimate luxury, advanced ships, and superior customer care. Their range of journeys includes visits to Caribbean islands, Mexico beaches, Hawaiian paradises, or even a trip through Alaska's natural wonders, every choice is sure to fulfill your desires! Aboard you will be spoiled by an abundance of activities such as outstanding shows, tasty gourmet food plus many Festivals from all over the world.

Exploring marine life in Caribbean waters? Immersing yourself in Mexican sunsets? Admiring Hawaii’s landscapes or marveling at pristine Alaskan nature. No matter what destination you choose on this cruise line, it promises an amazing holiday filled with pleasant memories served together alongside their premium service delivery!

Celebrity Cruises

When it comes to luxury and quality, there is no company that can match Celebrity Cruises. Departing from San Diego, you have the chance to explore some incredible destinations in California, Central and South America as well as Canada. Their onboard offerings provide all passengers with a unique voyage: delicious meals prepared by creative chefs along with various activities await them while comfortable accommodation guarantees elegance during this amazing journey.

The Jewel of the Seas vessel hosting up to 2702 guests on board showcases loads of amenities together with amusing entertainment options – meant for unforgettable cruising experiences down both Pacific Coastline or toward vibrant cultures inhabiting Latin countries including Mexico & Peru..No matter where you decide to go aboard one of Celebrity Cruise's vessels, rest assured it will be an unparalleled experience sure to suit even those travelers who demand nothing but excellence!

Holland America Line

Princess Cruiseline Panama Canal

Holland America. The line provides astounding vacation packages to many international places around Central America like Colombia, Mexico, and the Panama Canal. Their 15-day cruise aboard Holland American's Volendam can be yours from as low as $1,449 up to an impressive rate of $6,149 per person. You will experience nothing but first-class entertainment onboard along with delectable gastronomical delights while sightseeing your way through numerous unforgettable cultures & beautiful locations that will leave lasting memories in you forever! With them being at the helm for any trip one goes on no doubt exceeds expectations every time when considering a dream cruise vacation.

Don't forget to explore America's Finest City before you depart on your San Diego cruise!

Before you leave on your fabulous cruise, make sure to take some time to explore San Diego. The city is full of world class attractions like the San Diego Zoo (one of the best zoos in the country), Balboa Park, the LEGOLAND California. Beautiful historic neighborhoods like Gaslamp Quarter offer the perfect place to grab an excellent meal or a cocktail and some live music during your stay.

Don't skip exploring beautiful beaches like Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla Cove with its adorable seals and sea lions lounging on the rocks, or spending some time meandering through fascinating architecture. Educational attractions like the San Diego Museum of Man, and the USS Midway Museum, offer the perfect balance to all of the sun and fun in this vibrant city.