San Diego is well known for its culture. Everywhere you turn, there's plenty to eat, see, shop, and do. Music is one of the elements that draw people together, and there are plenty of establishments in the city that allow you to cut loose, get jiggy, or whatever you call your latest dancing fad. The best part is you can find off-the-wall venues that, on paper, shouldn't work, but absolutely do.

Part Time Lover is one of those venues that's worth a look, whether you live in the city or are simply looking for something to do during your stay.

Where Is Part Time Lover San Diego Located?

Part Time Lover is located in San Diego's North Park neighborhood at 3829 30th Street, where Bar Pink used to be.

What Makes Part Time Lover San Diego Unique?

Part Time Lover combines two elements to create a unique stop for residents or tourists. It's described as a hi-fi listening bar, and visitors can definitely enjoy some Japanese-style highballs. At the back, however, is a record shop. These combine into what San Diego Magazine describes as an "alternate world." It stays unique to the area's demographics, which is largely hipster. 

The owner of Part Time Lover, Arsalun Tafazoli, partnered with Folk Arts Rare Records, a San Diego institution. Patrons can sip the cocktails of their choice and browse through the vinyl albums, some of which are exceedingly rare finds. 

Can You Listen to Live Music at Part Time Lover?

Yes. There are live music events at Part Time Lover throughout the year. Additionally, the staff maintains that record collectors are invited to come and spin their vinyls. The venue lists its weekly schedule on its Instagram account. 

What Does Part Time Lover Look Like Inside?

The venue is a uniquely decorated space that showcases the Prairie School Aesthetic, which places an emphasis on a horizontal design scheme rather than vertical. Colors in this aesthetic are typically those you find in nature, and in Part Time Lover, you'll find exactly that. 

There are angular shapes throughout with a large oak chandelier that centers the room and the furniture, following the same color scheme, is mostly handmade by local craftsmen. Even the table and bar lamps are custom-made. The space is laid out much like a Japanese listening bar, which is known for having an open layout that provides the most optimal setting for listening to music and conversing. 

Does Part Time Lover San Diego Sell Food?

No, but there are plenty of drinks to choose from. While there's a focus on Japanese highballs, there are cocktails. Visitors can indulge in various drink options --- including martinis and Old Fashioneds --- to satisfy anyone's palate. Best of all, they're affordable --- no uppity, hoity-toity drink prices here. 

What Kind of Sound System Does Part Time Lover San Diego Have?

The venue is known for its custom hi-fi sound system powered by vintage tube technology that comes from Uncanned Music, a Chicago-based company. It's unique in that it allows for DJ sets, live music, custom soundtracks, and patrons can play their own albums. 

What Kind of Music Is Played at Part Time Lover San Diego?

If you can imagine it, you can hear it here! The music is so diverse that you could walk in while jazz music is playing then all of a sudden, it'll switch to Iron Maiden. With so many people visiting and having the opportunity to play their music at any given time, it's truly a game of roulette. One thing's for sure, though, the sound system will make it all sound good, whether it's your least or most favorite genre blaring through the speakers.

What Happened to Bar Pink?

Bar Pink, unfortunately, went under during the pandemic era, shuttering its doors in 2020. That's when Tafazoli, who owns Consortium Holdings (CH), a local restaurant group, scooped up the location and Part Time Lover was born. It took a few years to come to fruition, but Tafazoli officially opened the doors of the venue in June 2022.

Where Can You Find Other Consortium Holdings Venues?

If you're impressed by Part Time Lover, there are plenty of CH venues scattered around San Diego to check out. Each has a different emphasis, though Part Time Lover might be the most unique. You can check out different restaurants and bars in Little Italy, the south side, and the north end. 

CH has a variety of choices from Ramen and Beer at Underbelly, to Breakfast in Little Italy.