Experience the Best of Tradition and Fun at Ramona Country Fair 2024

Get ready for the Ramona Country Fair 2024 from July 26-28 at the Ramona Outdoor Community Center. This year, immerse yourself in thrilling rides, competitive games, and a showcase of local music talent, all within the vibrant heart of San Diego’s countryside. With free admission and a myriad of family-friendly activities, it’s an ideal summer destination for creating lasting memories.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ramona Country Fair is a community-centered event in Ramona, CA, featuring an array of attractions including amusement rides, carnival games, live music, food vendors, and contests like the cornhole tournament.

  • Local talent shines at the fair with performances from bands and artists that reflect Ramona’s cultural scene, while vendors offer a range of unique products in the craft and commercial marketplace.

  • Visitors can plan their fair visit with ease thanks to free admission, a convenient ride ticket system, pre-ordered parking, designated photo spots for sharing on social media, and accommodations to ensure accessibility for all fairgoers.

Celebrating Community Spirit at Ramona Country Fair 2024

Fair-RidesImage Credit: Nikada

Every year in the heart of California, the Ramona Country Fair serves as a gathering that embodies community and celebration. Hosted at the Ramona Outdoor Community Center, this beloved event encapsulates the spirit of togetherness that defines Ramona CA 92065. As a beacon of community engagement, the fair is meticulously organized by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, ensuring that every visit is imbued with the charm and warmth that only a country fair can provide.

The fair, boasting an array of attractions, provides a vibrant setting for both locals and visitors to create their summer memories. Some highlights of the fair include:

  • Exhilarating amusement rides

  • Engaging carnival games

  • Equestrian shows

  • Western shows and displays

  • The thrill of the off-road spectacle

These attractions ensure that the fairground is brimming with excitement, aligning perfectly with the community-focused ethos of Ramona Country. Here, every laugh shared, every prize won, and every ride conquered strengthens the bonds that make Ramona’s heart beat as one.

What to Expect at the Fair

Delve into the festive atmosphere of the fair, filled with anticipatory excitement and resonating with the sound of laughter. At the Ramona Country Fair, expect a cornucopia of enjoyment to unfold before your eyes. The carnival games are a test of skill and a dash of luck, inviting fairgoers to try their hand at timeless classics, while the cornhole competition adds a sprinkle of competitive zest to the proceedings.

No fair would be complete without the heart-racing excitement of amusement rides. Visitors of all ages can soar to new heights and twirl into the joyous atmosphere that the fair guarantees. And for those seeking a sensory treat, the fairground is alive with the rhythm of live music. Each moment at the fair adds to your memorable summer tapestry, with every attraction poised to be a high point of your visit.

Family Event Highlights

Families, set a reminder for a Sunday filled with fun at the Ramona Country Fair, an event where our youngest guests shine brightest. Dedicated to creating joy for the little ones, the fair offers an array of family event features tailored just for kids. Imagine the delight as children navigate electric car rides, designed with safety and excitement in mind for those under 60 pounds. It’s a chance for them to take the wheel and embark on a miniature adventure, all within the watchful eyes of their loving families.

These family-oriented attractions offer more than mere entertainment; they serve as foundations for creating memories that will be cherished across generations. The laughter of children, the smiles of parents, and the shared joy among friends and family event guests are the true entertainment of the fair. It’s a place where time slows down, allowing everyone to savor the moments that matter most. This encapsulates the essence of the Ramona Country Fair experience, where every activity celebrates both family ties and community spirit.

The Pulse of Ramona: Live Entertainment and Music

As dusk falls, the rhythm of Ramona picks up pace, enthralled by the charm of live music and entertainment. From July 26 to July 28, the Ramona Outdoor Community Center transforms into a stage for the talented artists who bring the soul of San Diego to life. Here, at the Ramona Country Fair, you can expect:

  • Live music performances

  • Entertainment for all ages

  • A vibrant atmosphere filled with joy and excitement

  • Opportunities to dance and connect with others through the universal language of music

Come and join us for a memorable experience of sound and celebration!

The fair’s roster boasts a varied mix of performers, including the energetic rock vibes of bands like Wild Pinkler Band and Craig’s Band. The Off-Road Show event adds an extra layer of excitement with family-friendly performances, ensuring that every corner of the fair resonates with melody and rhythm. Whether you’re swaying to the music or tapping your foot to the beat, the live entertainment at the Ramona Country Fair is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Main Stage Magic

Though details of the main stage performances remain under wraps, it’s guaranteed that the artists set to perform at the Ramona Country Fair 2024 will captivate all attendees. The air buzzes with excitement as the community eagerly awaits the announcement of the bands that will headline this year’s event. With acts like Wild Pinkler Band and Craig’s Band already confirmed, the stage is set for a musical extravaganza that will resonate throughout Ramona.

Music aficionados and fair lovers are urged to stay updated, as the complete music lineup will be soon disclosed, promising a series of live performances that are sure to be the town’s buzz. The melodies that will flow from the main stage are the heartbeat of the fair, promising to bring together friends and families in a symphony of celebration. As the event approaches, the names of those who will create these magical moments will be revealed, adding to the crescendo of excitement that builds with each passing day.

Local Talent Spotlight

Amidst the vibrant beats and harmonious melodies, Ramona’s homegrown musicians take center stage in the local talent showcase. The fair prides itself on being a stage for homegrown talents, where visitors have the pleasure of experiencing the rich musical heritage of Ramona. Acts such as Wild Pinkler Band and Craig’s Band embody the local flavor, their performances a testament to the vibrant arts scene that thrives in the heart of San Diego.

Supporting local music at the Ramona Country Fair isn’t just about enjoying the performances; it’s about celebrating the artists who are the lifeblood of Ramona’s cultural landscape. As attendees immerse themselves in the sounds of their hometown heroes, they contribute to a tradition of appreciation and pride that resonates far beyond the fairgrounds. So, let’s raise a cheer for the local bands that provide the soundtrack to our fair fun, their tunes a signature of the Ramona experience.

Savor the Flavors: Food and Beverage Vendors

A trip to the Ramona Country Fair serves as a sensory delight, offering a special treat for the taste buds. As you meander through the fair, savor the flavors of an array of food options, from the nostalgic taste of traditional fair treats to the rich, hearty goodness of Southern delights. Food and beverage vendors line the paths, each booth a canvas of culinary artistry promising to satisfy even the most discerning of taste buds.

While you enjoy the rich array of savory and sweet delights, you can refresh yourself with a diverse selection of thirst-quenching beverages. The Ramona Country Fair’s beverage vendors have curated a diverse range of drinks to ensure that every sip is as satisfying as the last. Visitors can expect a variety of tantalizing options to suit their preferences. With such a wide range of options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Ramona Country Fair.

Wine aficionados can delight in tastings that showcase the finesse of regional wineries, while beer enthusiasts will appreciate the craft and high-end beers from local brewers. While fairgoers are welcome to bring sealed water bottles, coolers are not permitted—encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in the fair’s beverage offerings. It’s a chance to explore new flavors, toast to good times, and enjoy the festive spirit that flows as freely as the drinks on offer.

People's Choice Eats

In the midst of a myriad of flavors, the Ramona Country Fair features a ‘People’s Choice’ award, injecting a friendly competitive element into the culinary landscape. With a stringent vendor application process that scrutinizes uniqueness and booth presentation, the award highlights the competitive environment that drives vendors to present their most innovative and appealing dishes.

Every attendee at the fair wields the power to cast their vote, determining which food vendor will earn the coveted ‘People’s Choice’ title. It’s a chance for fairgoers to have their say and champion their preferred culinary creations, making the award an exciting and engaging aspect of the fair’s dining experience. So come with an appetite and a discerning palette, ready to vote for the flavors that capture the essence of the Ramona Country Fair.

Get Competitive: Games and Contests

CornholeImage Credit: Nikolay Tsuguliev

The competitive spirit thrives at the Ramona Country Fair, where a variety of games and contests appeal to those with a taste for thrill and excitement. The cornhole tournament, a fair favorite, is a testament to the fair’s commitment to both fun and philanthropy. Organized by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce in partnership with State 31 Cornhole, it’s an event where precision and teamwork come together in a lively double-elimination format.

But the competitive spirit doesn’t end there. The fair also hosts an off-road show, complete with a ‘People’s Choice’ award, that showcases the thrill of rugged vehicles and the skill of their drivers. With the opportunity to participate in various contests and win prizes, the fair offers a platform for guests of all ages to showcase their abilities and revel in their achievements. Whether it’s the strategic toss of a beanbag or the roar of an engine, the games and contests at the fair are designed to entertain and inspire.

Registration Details

To participate in the competitive events at the Ramona Country Fair, such as the cornhole tournament, attendees can conveniently register through the Scoreholio App. With an entry fee of just $50 per team, the stage is set for enthusiasts to showcase their cornhole prowess, whether they bring their own bags or use those provided. Children over the age of 10 are welcome to join in the fun, making the tournament a family-friendly affair.

For those eyeing the off-road show, pre-registration is recommended, with a $25 entry fee securing a spot in the competition and eligibility for various prizes. With the cut-off for registration on July 26th at noon, it’s best to act fast and secure your place in the events that promise both entertainment and the thrill of competition.

Whether you’re aiming for a perfect score or simply looking to take part in the festivities, the Ramona Country Fair’s games and contests await your spirited participation.

Explore the Exhibits: Craft and Commercial Vendors


Image Credit: coolsandiegosights.com

Beyond the realm of games and gourmet delights, there exists a creative and commercial hub – the craft and commercial vendors at the Ramona Country Fair. With over 60 endors artfully arranged within three large shopping halls and various outdoor booths, visitors are invited to explore a world of unique products and professional presentations. Whether you’re in search of a handcrafted keepsake or the latest commercial must-have, the fair’s vendors offer a shopping experience as diverse as the attendees themselves.

The selection process for vendors at the fair is as meticulous as it is discerning, with an emphasis on product uniqueness, professional booth presentation, and financial responsibility. This ensures that as visitors wander through the exhibits, they encounter only the finest offerings that the community’s artisans and merchants have to present.

For a chance to be part of this curated marketplace, vendors are encouraged to submit their applications early and craft a booth display that captivates and engages fairgoers in equal measure.

Self-Guided Tour Tips

Navigating the myriad of vendor booths is an adventure in itself, and the fair provides the perfect backdrop for a self-guided tour that beckons the curious and the enthusiastic. With craft vendor spaces for the entirety of the fair, there’s a wealth of handcrafted goods waiting to be discovered. Commercial vendors are equally accommodated, offering a spectrum of products that capture the essence of the fair’s vibrant commerce.

Visitors are encouraged to meander through both the craft and commercial areas, taking in the variety and artistry on display. From the intricate work of a local jeweler to the innovative gadgets of a tech-savvy merchant, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy. With each booth offering a unique story and product, a self-guided tour of the vendor areas is not just a shopping experience—it’s a journey through the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that thrives at the Ramona Country Fair.

Plan Your Visit: Essential Fair Information

As you prepare for a fun-filled day at the Ramona Country Fair, a well-planned visit is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Located at the bustling Ramona Outdoor Community Center and organized by the dedicated Ramona Chamber of Commerce, the fair promises a wealth of activities that cater to every interest. Some highlights of the fair include:

  • The competitive spirit of the cornhole competition

  • The melodic draw of live music

  • The exhilaration of amusement rides

  • The allure of food and beverage vendors

There’s something for everyone to look forward to at the fair.

While the fair is designed to be a hub of enjoyment, certain guidelines have been established to safeguard the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. For instance, while a selection of alcoholic beverages are available for purchase, visitors are prohibited from bringing their own. This not only upholds the integrity of the fair’s vendors but also maintains a convivial atmosphere where fairgoers can indulge responsibly and focus on the myriad of entertainments that await.

Dates and Admission

Save the date for the Ramona Country Fair 2024, an event where:

  • The gates are swung open to greet visitors with free admission

  • Cash only ride tickets are available for $1 per ticket or $20 for a sheet of 24

The fair’s commitment to accessibility is further demonstrated by its ride ticket system. With rides requiring four to seven tickets each, visitors have the flexibility to choose their adventures according to their preferences and excitement levels. It’s a system designed to ensure that the joys of the fair are within reach for all, making the Ramona Country Fair an event that truly embodies the welcoming spirit of the community.

Parking and Accessibility

In terms of parking at the Ramona Country Fair, the focus is on making it as convenient as possible. Visitors can pre-order parking passes, allowing for a smooth entry to the fairgrounds, free from the hassle of on-site cash transactions.

Here are the details:

  • Cost: $10 per day or $15 for unlimited access with a pre-purchased pass

  • Pre-ordering ensures a spot in the excitement

  • Names of pre-order customers will be on the parking attendant’s list

Parking at the fair is both affordable and accessible, so make sure to pre-order your pass for a hassle-free experience.


As the curtain falls on our journey through the Ramona Country Fair 2024, we are left with a collage of experiences that define this beloved event. From the community spirit that serves as the fair’s foundation to the thrilling rides, delectable foods, and lively entertainment that fill the air, each aspect of the fair is a celebration of togetherness and joy. With practical tips to navigate the fair with ease and ideas for capturing and sharing your memories, we hope this guide has inspired you to partake in the festivities that make Ramona a beacon of community and fun. Here’s to creating memories that will sparkle in the mind long after the lights of the fair have dimmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee to enter the Ramona Country Fair?

No, there is no admission fee to enter the Ramona Country Fair, so you can enjoy the attractions without any cost.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the fair?

No, outside alcoholic beverages and coolers are not allowed at the fair, but you can bring sealed water bottles. There are plenty of food and beverage vendors available on-site to choose from.

Are there any activities for children at the fair?

Yes, the fair offers various activities and rides specifically designed for children, such as electric car rides. So, there are plenty of options to keep the little ones entertained.

How can I register for the cornhole tournament or the off-road show?

To register for the cornhole tournament, use the Scoreholio App, and for the off-road show, it's recommended to pre-register. Entry fees and further details can be found on the fair's website.