Ride the Tide: Complete San Diego Wave Schedule 2024 for Upcoming NWSL Thrills

Looking for the “San Diego Wave schedule 2024”? Your search ends here. Dive into the essential dates, pivotal matches, and can’t-miss home games with our straightforward guide to the upcoming NWSL season. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the Wave FC phenomenon, stay ahead of the game with the full San Diego Wave FC 2024 schedule below.

Key Takeaways

  • San Diego Wave FC begins their 2024 season with the Coachella Valley Invitational, focusing on developing team tactics and chemistry, setting the stage for the competitive year ahead.

  • The Wave FC is set to compete in significant events including the NWSL Challenge Cup Showdown against NJ/NY Gotham FC, reflecting on past victories and showcasing the deep competitive nature of the league.

  • The team will face 26 matches in the regular season, welcoming new talent from the NWSL Draft and transfers, and aiming for a top-six finish to qualify for the NWSL playoffs.

Preseason Warm-Up

nwsl-soccer-ballsImage Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The opening chapter of San Diego Wave FC’s 2024 season starts in the picturesque desert of Coachella Valley. Here, amidst the backdrop of palm trees and mountain vistas, our team embarks on their preseason journey, fine-tuning their tactics and fostering team chemistry at the Coachella Valley Invitational.

It’s more than just preparation; it’s a promise of the potential that the new season holds. Will the foundation laid here in the preseason pave the way to a triumphant season end?

Teams and Match Dates

The Coachella Valley Invitational, a three-week soccer showcase, is where the groundwork for Wave FC’s tactical prowess and physical readiness is laid. From the opening match on February 7th through the closing whistle on February 24th, each day is an opportunity to witness the team’s progress. How will Wave FC’s strategies evolve through these matches?

Can preseason performance be a crystal ball into the successes of the coming months?

Location and Venue

Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, is a venue that transforms from a musical haven to a soccer sanctuary during the Coachella Valley Invitational. With its sweeping landscapes and state-of-the-art facilities, it becomes more than just a setting for soccer; it’s a festival celebrating the beautiful game.

Will the pristine fields of the Empire Polo Club be the launchpad for Wave FC’s 2024 season aspirations?

NWSL Challenge Cup Showdown

NWSL Challenge Cup

Image Credit: San Diego Wave FC

As the preseason haze dissipates, the intensity of competition surges with the NWSL Challenge Cup Showdown, a restructured battle of champions that sees San Diego Wave FC face off against NJ/NY Gotham FC. This one-off match is a clash of the titans, pitting the previous year’s NWSL Shield winner against the reigning NWSL Champion.

Will the Wave FC, as the prior campaign’s winner, harness the momentum from their preseason endeavors to triumph in this prestigious contest?

Competing Teams

San Diego Wave FC, adorned with the 2023 NWSL Shield, step onto the pitch against the formidable NJ/NY Gotham FC, the reigning champions. It’s a cinematic setting, with each team bringing their storied histories and a hunger for victory.

As the two teams collide, who will emerge victorious and claim the bragging rights for the year?

Match Date and Venue

On March 15, 2024, the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey, becomes the battleground for this epic showdown. As the Wave FC and Gotham FC prepare to lock horns, fans from coast to coast mark their calendars, ready to witness this monumental match.

Will the storied grounds of Red Bull Arena see Wave FC ascend as Challenge Cup champions?

Regular Season Excitement

The regular season looms large, commencing on March 23, 2024, embarking Wave FC on a 26-match odyssey that will test their mettle, skill, and unity. With an expanded schedule, the team will encounter a gamut of challenges, including a month-long hiatus for the Summer Olympics.

Will San Diego Wave FC’s resilience and tactical acumen earn them a coveted spot in the league playoffs?

Key Matches

Throughout the season, certain matches stand out as potential turning points, including the fierce rivalry against Angel City FC and the strategic chess match against Utah Royals. Player transfers between these teams add an extra layer of narrative, turning each game into a saga of its own.

Will the key matches be the moments that define San Diego Wave FC’s 2024 season?

Home Games at Snapdragon Stadium


Image Credit: San Diego Wave FC

Snapdragon Stadium is the fortress where Wave FC will host their adversaries, offering fans an array of daytime and evening matches to partake in. Each home game is a chapter in the season’s story, with fans playing the role of the twelfth player, their cheers echoing through the stands.

Will Snapdragon Stadium be the crucible where Wave FC forges their path to glory?

New Faces: 2024 NWSL Draft and Transfers

As the season unfolds, new faces emerge to don the Wave FC colors, brought in through the NWSL Draft and strategic transfers. These players are the fresh blood, eager to make their mark and help the team reach new heights. Will these new talents be the catalysts for San Diego Wave FC’s quest for the reigning NWSL champion title?

Players Drafted

Kennedy Wesley and Mya Jones, the draftees from Stanford University and the University of Memphis, respectively, join the ranks with a blend of collegiate excellence and the promise of youthful exuberance. Wesley, with her international youth experience, could be a cornerstone in the team’s defense.

Will these draftees rise to the occasion and become integral to the Wave FC’s tactical ensemble?

Incoming Transfers

The arrival of players like Sierra Enge, Elyse Bennett, and Savannah McCaskill injects experience and talent into the squad. Each transfer is a strategic move, aimed at strengthening the team’s core and depth.

How will these new signings harmonize with the existing squad to propel San Diego Wave FC towards success?

Outgoing Transfers

Conversely, the departure of players such as Belle Briede and Meggie Dougherty Howard signifies the ever-evolving nature of professional soccer. Each outgoing transfer opens a new chapter for both the players and the team.

Will the reshaped roster of San Diego Wave FC maintain the chemistry needed to vie for the top spot in the league?

Fan Experience: Attending San Diego Wave FC Games

The heart of soccer beats strongest in the stands, where the fans of Wave FC converge to cheer, chant, and revel in the beautiful game. Snapdragon Stadium is not just a venue; it’s a community hub, a place where memories are made, and the spirit of San Diego Wave FC is celebrated.

How will the fan experience elevate the games and inspire the players on the pitch?

Ticket Information

Whether it’s the electric atmosphere of the Supporters Section or the comfort of premium seats, a range of ticketing options cater to every fan’s preference. Single games, group tickets, and season passes offer the flexibility to enjoy the Wave FC journey as it suits.

Will the ticketing options available at Snapdragon Stadium ensure every fan can partake in the Wave FC experience?

Parking and Transportation

From the ease of the Trolley Green Line to the convenience of pre-purchased parking passes, getting to Snapdragon Stadium and PayPal Park is a breeze. The various transit promotions and Park & Ride options underscore the accessibility and family-friendly nature of attending Wave FC games.

Will the seamless transportation and parking solutions enhance the matchday experience for fans?

Stadium Amenities

Snapdragon Stadium offers an array of amenities, from gourmet concessions to ADA-compliant seating, ensuring that every fan’s visit is as comfortable as it is exciting. The stadium’s design and LEED Gold certification reflect a commitment to sustainability and fan-centric planning.

Will the amenities at Snapdragon Stadium make each Wave FC game an unforgettable experience?

Playoff Push: NWSL League Playoffs

As the regular season winds down, the playoff push begins, with San Diego Wave FC aiming for a top-six finish to secure their spot in the single-elimination NWSL playoffs. The road to the championship is fraught with intensity and the echoes of past glories.

Will Wave FC’s efforts culminate in a playoff berth, bringing them one step closer to the championship trophy?

Qualification Criteria

The quest for the playoffs is a marathon, not a sprint, with points accrued throughout the season determining the fate of each team. Tiebreakers stand ready to split hairs should teams find themselves deadlocked.

Will the Wave FC’s season-long performance be enough to propel them into the playoff fray, or will they face tough competition from teams like Bay FC?

Playoff Format

The structure of the NWSL playoffs, with quarterfinals, semifinals, and the championship match, creates a ladder for teams to climb, each rung a testament to their prowess. The playoffs are a crucible, with the heat turned up and the stakes higher than ever.

Will San Diego Wave FC navigate the gauntlet and emerge as champions?


From the first touches at the Coachella Valley Invitational to the climactic battles of the NWSL playoffs, the San Diego Wave FC’s 2024 season promises to be a tapestry of passion, perseverance, and soccer artistry. Each match is a story, each player a protagonist, and each fan a vital part of the narrative. As the Wave FC embarks on this odyssey, the team’s spirit and the fans’ fervor will be the driving force behind every goal, tackle, and victory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the Coachella Valley Invitational for San Diego Wave FC?

The Coachella Valley Invitational is significant for San Diego Wave FC as it serves as a crucial preseason tournament where the team can test strategies, build team chemistry, and prepare for the upcoming season.

How has the NWSL Challenge Cup been restructured?

The NWSL Challenge Cup has been restructured into a single match between the previous year's NWSL Shield winner and the current NWSL Champion, creating an exciting format for the competition.

What are the new faces we can expect to see in San Diego Wave FC's lineup?

San Diego Wave FC's lineup will feature new players like Kennedy Wesley, Mya Jones, Sierra Enge, and Elyse Bennett from the NWSL Draft and incoming transfers. These additions are expected to bring fresh talent and energy to the team.

How can fans enhance their game-day experience at Snapdragon Stadium?

To enhance your game-day experience at Snapdragon Stadium, consider exploring different ticket options, utilizing convenient parking and public transit, and taking advantage of the diverse amenities available at the stadium. These factors can greatly enrich your overall experience, making it more enjoyable for you and your fellow fans.

What does San Diego Wave FC need to do to qualify for the NWSL playoffs?

San Diego Wave FC needs to finish as one of the top six teams in the regular-season standings to qualify for the NWSL playoffs. Therefore, they will need to secure a strong position in the standings to make it to the playoffs.