In addition to visiting pristine beaches, hiking rocky bluffs, and dining at world-renowned restaurants – San Diego, CA is the perfect place to explore your mystical side and connect with your intuition. During your trip, try unlocking the secrets of your subconscious by booking a reading with a talented San Diego Tarot card reader.

If you’ve never heard of Tarot before, you’re not alone – although its popularity has begun to skyrocket in recent years. Tarot is the art of cartomancy – a form of divination that uses beautifully illustrated cards to help gain insight into a situation or a specific question. If you've ever found yourself fascinated by astrology, you'll likely love a Tarot reading.

What is a Tarot card reading?

Traditional Tarot is made up of 78 cards and divided into the Major Arcana, which features 22 trump cards that represent specific archetypes and energies that many people experience throughout their life. The remaining cards make up the Minor Arcana which are divided into four suits that loosely resemble playing cards.

Whereas the Major Arcana might represent big life changes and personal journeys, the Minor Arcana tends to represent the joys and challenges of everyday life and can even reflect our loved ones and adversaries.  Tarot card readers will pull cards from the deck at random to inspire their subconscious mind in order to help answer all manner of questions.

The History of Tarot

The earliest references to Tarot date back to 15th-century Italy, but the practice is believed to have been around for much longer spanning cultures throughout the world. Tarot card readers began practicing in the United States sometime between the late 1800s and the early 1900s and almost immediately made their way to California.

California has always been a place of freedom, hope, and exploration so it is no surprise that the state became one of the country’s hotspots for mystical spiritual practices like psychic readings.

Tarot Today

The popularity of reading Tarot has grown quite a bit in recent years. Scrolling through social media, you’ll likely discover all kinds of Tarot card reader "influencers" referencing the archetypes of the Major Arcana, or videos offering messages to the collective using Tarot cards. While it can be fun to follow along, nothing beats the experience of having your Tarot cards read in person.

Tarot card readers each have their own unique styles– some focus on helping clients to connect with their own intuition to assist in difficult life decisions, while others claim to be able to connect with loved ones who have passed on and predict potential outcomes of future relationships.

As the lines between mental, spiritual, and physical wellness continue to shift and blur together, many people have turned to Tarot as a powerful helping tool and even a complimentary practice in addition to more traditional forms of therapy and energy healing.

Tarot card readings can offer deeply profound insights into the subconscious mind, according to proponents of the practice.

Jennifer Love, one of San Diego’s top professional Tarot card readers, believes it can be beneficial to receive a reading whenever you’re going through a transition in life, such as starting a new job or relationship or making a big move.

Whether you’re feeling uncertain and could use some extra guidance, or you’re simply feeling curious about the mystical and mysterious practice of Tarot, booking a reading with one of the best Tarot readers in San Diego can help you find the clarity you seek.

Tarot Readers in San Diego

Today, Tarot is alive and well in San Diego. Well-known and well-loved Tarot readers are scattered throughout the city, and some of them even offer same-day in-person appointments. Consulting the cards with a reader can be an incredibly fun, insightful, and exciting experience. It’s a perfect idea for a fun girl’s day, to impress guests at corporate events, or as part of a lively bachelorette party.

If you’ve been working on self-care or find yourself on a wellness journey, talking with a Tarot card reader can complement your routine and help you connect with your intuition. When you attend an appointment with a San Diego reader, expect to chat with someone who is friendly, intuitive, and willing to dig in deep and help you search for answers during your conversation together.

In San Diego, CA you can hire tarot card readers as entertainment for your guests at private parties, or for a big professional events.

While an experience with a Tarot card reader might be fun and exciting, it is more than just entertainment, according to practitioners. You may find powerful benefits for matters of the heart, or simply find a new perspective on a minor problem you’re struggling with.  If you’ve ever considered the experience, don’t skip a visit with a top Tarot card reader in San Diego, CA during your visit. 

The Best Tarot Readers in San Diego, California

Chula Vista Psychic and Tarot Card Reading

Chula Vista Psychic and Tarot Card Reading is one of the highest-rated places to go for a Tarot reading in San Diego, CA. Owner and Tarot reader, Jennifer Love, has created an oasis-like setting for her clients that is perfect for first-timers. Jennifer Love is a 5th generation spiritualist and Tarot reader who has been using her gifts since childhood. She has more than 20 years of experience with readings, and her specialty is love and relationships.

“There is a very tranquil, Zen feeling when you enter my office...such a relaxing peaceful environment. I believe a calm environment allows our energy to calm so that we get the clearest messages through during your reading,” she said.

Jennifer has a unique style and works with the Angel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. Her readings act as a sort of spiritual navigation system, and she specializes in discovering what could happen in your life based on the current path you’ve chosen. Jennifer believes that one of the biggest misconceptions about Tarot is that it predicts the future - our futures are always shifting based on personal choices,  “so if something in our future is not pleasing us, we can exit that path to a new road," in order to improve the outcome.

“I love how the Tarot helps us translate the delicate language of the universe, as the universe speaks a very quiet language,” said Love. Her readings help clients shift into "confidence, and a deeper understanding of their energy."

So, what can you expect when you book Jennifer as a reader?

“THE TRUTH! I’m not a sugar coater. I’m very patient and understanding. At the end of our session, the goal is to have you feeling a spiritual release.” It can be a very therapeutic experience that leaves her clients feeling a heightened sense of purpose and intention as well as a renewed commitment to their personal growth. 

To book a reading with Jennifer Love, call (619) 957-5683. Her space is located at 452 Third Ave, Chula Vista CA. In addition to Tarot readings, she also offers Chakra energy therapy.

Psychic Readings by Sylvia – Little Italy

Psychic Readings by Sylvia is another popular spot for tarot readings in San Diego. Located in Little Italy, close to downtown San Diego CA, Sylvia has been offering readings for over 50 years. The psychic shop in Little Italy opened in 2002 and has been a well-established neighborhood spot. Sylvia began her journey as a Tarot reader as a hobby, but soon realized that it was more than that – it grew into a deep passion. 

Sylvia has been helping people with spiritual guidance ever since. In addition to Tarot card readings, Sylvia’s also offers palm readings, Angel Card readings, and more. The readings offered at Sylvia’s help people with all manner of problems like relationships and finances. If you’re in the Little Italy area and fancy a psychic reading, simply give Sylvia a call at (619) 957-5683. The shop is located at 3122 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA.

B Intuitive Metaphysical Store & Healing Center

Aside from being one of the best places to find Tarot card readers, B Intuitive is a metaphysical hub located near the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego, CA. The shop has offerings and events to meet all your spiritual needs. You can book healing services like a past life regression, a reiki session, guided meditation workshops, and more. A staff full of awesome tarot card readers offers in-person or virtual readings ranging in length from 15 minutes to an hour. 

After your reading, you can browse around the store and shop for things like botanical self-care products, books on yoga, crystals, essential oils, and perhaps even your very own Tarot or Oracle deck to take home with you. To book an appointment with a Tarot card reader, call (619) 296-1560.

Mystic Solutions - Pacific Beach

Mystic Solutions is located right in the heart of the Pacific Beach neighborhood and is open every day from 10 am-10 pm, making it easy to get an appointment with a tarot card reader whenever you want. In addition to Tarot readings, Mystic Solutions offer skills like palm readings, karma cleansing, online events, and chakra balancing and cleansing. You can visit them in Pacific Beach, or hire them for events in nearby cities.

The team of spiritual healers and readers helps in matters of love, wealth, career, health, well-being, and more. Reviews mention how accurate the readings are at Mystic Solutions. To book an appointment, call (858) 270-2222.

East Village Psychic – Eastside

Located in the Eastside of San Diego, California the East Village Psychic offers top-rated readings. With 26 years of experience, the clients have come to trust tarot reader, Gina, for guidance, direction, and healing. This location has plenty of five-star ratings and reviews discussing the accuracy, good energy, and help that was provided.

East Village Psychic is an especially great option if you’re looking to book a reading late-night. This location is open 7 days a week from 10-midnight. For bookings a reading, call (619) 510-3006.

A Tarot card reading can be fun and insightful! 

Whether you're brand new to the mystical world of divination, or a long-time lover of Tarot - San Diego is the perfect place to book an appointment with some of the best Tarot card readers in the business. Who knows, you might walk away feeling more self-aware, inspired, and even a bit more magical!