Top Tips for San Diego Padres Parking Petco Park Parking: Your Game Day Guide

Searching for the best San Diego Padres parking spots at Petco Park? Look no further. We break down the top options for “San Diego Padres parking Petco Park parking”—from official lots to savvy street spots—ensuring you find the perfect parking without the pre-game hassle.

Key Takeaways

  • Petco Park is more than just the home of the Padres; it’s a cornerstone of downtown San Diego’s transformation, filled with history and fan passion.

  • Navigating to the ballpark is easy with multiple access points via major highways, public transport, and rideshares, plus there’s plenty of Padres-specific parking options.

  • Beyond the game, there’s a whole pre-game scene to enjoy with diverse dining, special events, and family activities, ensuring a full day of entertainment.

Petco Park: Home of the San Diego Padres

Petco Park San Diego Padres

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Petco Park, the esteemed home of the San Diego Padres, proudly opened its gates in 2004, succeeding Qualcomm Stadium. Tucked away in the East Village of San Diego, near the lively Gaslamp Quarter, the park stands as a modern architectural marvel, accommodating over 40,000 spectators. Adding to its charm, the park seamlessly incorporates the historic Western Metal Supply Co. building, a testament to San Diego’s rich heritage.

The park isn’t just a venue for thrilling baseball games; it’s also a symbol of downtown San Diego’s revitalization. Its establishment has sparked a wave of development in the area, turning it into a bustling hub of activity. The park’s address on Tony Gwynn Drive even pays homage to Padres’ legend Tony Gwynn, a fitting tribute in a city fervently passionate about its baseball.

Navigating to Petco Park

Now that you know a bit about Petco Park, let’s talk logistics. How do you get to this iconic park? If you’re driving, major thoroughfares including:

  • Pacific Highway

  • Interstate 5

  • State Route 163

  • State Route 94/Martin Luther King Freeway

  • Eight Freeway

funnel you right to the ballpark. Whether you’re coming from the north, the south, or the east, there are exits that lead directly to Petco Park.

If you’re looking to avoid the traffic, there are plenty of public transportation options. You can:

  • hop on a bus

  • catch the San Diego Trolley

  • take the Coaster train

  • take the Coronado ferry

  • use bike racks for cyclists

  • use rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Official Parking Options Near Petco Park


Petco Park San Diego Padres Parking

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Once you’ve made it to the vicinity of Petco Park, parking becomes the next hurdle. Not to worry, though! The San Diego Padres, in collaboration with ACE Parking, provide a variety of official San Diego Padres parking options around the park, including the convenient Padres Parkade. These options cater to 27,000 spaces, with 9,000 earmarked specifically for Padres fans.

Let’s delve into the details of some of these official parking lots with available parking spots: Tailgate Park, Premier Lot, and Preferred Lot.

Tailgate Park

Tailgate Park, also known as the Padres Preferred Lot, is a convenient parking option for game-goers. Located with entrances on 13th Street at K Street or Imperial Avenue between 12th Ave and 14th Street, it’s easily accessible. The Padres Parkade Lot, which is another name for this location, typically offers pricing for a spot ranging from $20-25 per game (but subject to change).

But Tailgate Park isn’t just a parking lot; it’s a site where fans gather to ramp up their excitement before the game. Although some activities like throwing balls or Frisbees, riding bikes or skateboards, and using amplified sound systems are prohibited, the atmosphere is still buzzing with anticipation and camaraderie.

Premier Lot

If you’re looking for a parking option that’s practically a stone’s throw away from the stadium, consider the Premier Lot. This lot is part of the Padres Preferred parking options, known for their proximity to Petco Park.

Access to the Premier Lot is a breeze with an entrance on 11th Avenue at Imperial Avenue and an exit on Park Boulevard. So, not only do you get to park close to the stadium, but you also have convenient entry and exit points. The lot’s pricing usually falls between $25-40+ per game, making it a valuable option for those seeking convenience and proximity.

Preferred Lot

The Preferred Lot, another part of the Padres Preferred parking options, offers prime parking locations near Petco Park. With its location near the stadium entrance, it provides quick and easy access on game day. This convenience does come at a premium cost due to its proximity to Petco Park, reflecting high demand and limited availability.

The good news is, guests can book their spot in the Preferred Lot in advance, ensuring a hassle-free arrival on game day. Despite being more expensive than other nearby lots, the Preferred Lot’s location and convenience offer attendees a compelling option when attending a Padres game.

Alternative Parking Choices: Street Parking and Free Parking

If the official parking lots don’t fit your needs or budget, there are plenty of alternative parking choices around Petco Park. Street parking, for instance, is available along K Street, J Street, 7th Avenue, and 8th Avenue. The rates for a 2-hour maximum typically sit at $2.50, which is slightly higher than the usual metered rate of approximately $1.25 per hour throughout San Diego.

Parking meters near Petco Park generally operate between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. In the Gaslamp zone, meters are enforced from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., except to the east of the park where parking is free after 6 p.m. But remember, vehicles can be left on the street overnight, and meters typically reactivate at 8 a.m. or 10 a.m.

If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon some free parking near Petco Park on K Street and 7th Avenue. And if you’re planning to attend a game on a public holiday like New Year’s Day, Independence Day, or Christmas Day, street parking is also free.

Off-Site Parking Solutions: Affordable and Convenient Options

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For fans who are open to a short walk to the stadium, off-site parking near Petco Park can be a cost-effective alternative. These lots offer affordable rates starting as low as $5 per hour, providing a cheaper alternative to street parking and premium on-site lots.

For instance, the 910 Broadway Circle Parking, a covered valet service provided by The Westin San Diego, is only 0.6 miles from Petco Park and operates 24/7. You can book a full day’s parking here for approximately $16, with potential lower rates for hourly parking.

Another economical option is the 1655 Pacific Highway Parking, offering daily outdoor self-parking for around $10. Hourly parking rates here may be even less, making it a budget-friendly option for shorter visits and reducing the risk of getting a parking ticket.

To secure a spot before heading to the game, consider using a parking app like to compare prices and book off-site parking.

Pre-Game Activities: Making the Most of Your Visit

Your Padres game day experience isn’t just about the game itself. There’s a world of pre-game activities to explore that can make your visit to Petco Park even more memorable. For instance, why not turn your game day into a culinary adventure?

San Diego is known for its diverse dining scene, and the area around Petco Park is no exception. Whether you’re craving:

  • upscale sushi at NOBU

  • mouthwatering Nashville Hot chicken a few blocks from the park

  • craft beers and a patio with a view of the park at a brewery housed in a 1900s-era building

  • wood-fired pizza or satisfying bites like avocado toast and breakfast burritos at a well-known cafe

There’s a dining option for every palate.

But the fun doesn’t stop at food and drinks. Petco Park hosts several special events to amp up the excitement. Party in the Park events occur before every Friday home game at Gallagher Square, offering $5 drink specials and live entertainment.

Sundays are for families with KidsFest, featuring a variety of activities for kids under 14. And if you’re really looking to immerse yourself in the Padres experience, consider taking a game-day tour for a behind-the-scenes look at the park.

Accessibility and Special Accommodations

Petco Park is committed to ensuring that all guests have a fantastic game day experience. Guests with disabilities can benefit from designated drop-off and pick-up zones available on both the west and east sides of the park, including a specific location for private charter buses.

Once inside the park, guests with disabilities are provided priority access to all public elevators. These are conveniently located near multiple sections and gates, ensuring easy access to different levels. You can find these elevators near various sections and entry points, including the Western Metal Supply Co. Building.

Tips for a Smooth Game Day Experience

Your Padres game day experience can be even smoother with a few handy tips. Book your parking spot at garages such as 910 Broadway Circle Parking and 1655 Pacific Highway Parking in advance for a stress-free experience. Apps like can help you compare prices and secure a spot before you head to the game.

Also, try to arrive at Petco Park early. The stadium opens two hours before the first pitch, giving you ample time to enjoy pre-game festivities and ensure a smooth entry. And remember, for parking, you can take advantage of various payment options, including:

  • Credit cards

  • Mobile phone

  • Coins

  • NFC payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.


Attending a Padres game is more than just watching baseball; it’s about embracing the entire game day experience. From finding the best parking spot that suits your needs to exploring the myriad of dining options and pre-game activities, every detail counts. Remember, the key to a smooth and memorable game day lies in planning ahead. So, next time you’re headed to Petco Park, keep these tips in mind, and may your game day be filled with cheers, great memories, and of course, a Padres victory!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get to Petco Park?

You can easily get to Petco Park using the MTS trolley, with the closest stops being the Gaslamp Quarter, 12th & Imperial, and Park & Market. It's an affordable option for fans throughout the season.

How early should I get to Petco Park?

You should aim to arrive at Petco Park 90 minutes before the first pitch. Season Ticket Members can enter 2 hours in advance at the Park Boulevard Gate and Home Plate Gate.

How much does it cost to park at Petco Park?

It can cost between $25 and $45 to park at Petco Park, with some spaces reserved for Padres ticket holders and nearby apartment residents. Keep this in mind when planning your visit.

What are the official parking options near Petco Park?

The official parking options near Petco Park include Tailgate Park, Premier Lot, and Preferred Lot, providing a total of 27,000 spaces with 9,000 designated for Padres fans. So, there are ample parking choices for game day.

Are there alternative parking choices near Petco Park?

Yes, there are alternative parking choices near Petco Park such as street parking, free parking, and affordable off-site parking options like 910 Broadway Circle Parking and 1655 Pacific Highway Parking. Avoid the hassle of searching for parking and consider these options.