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The Gondola Company

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The Gondola Company

The Gondola Company
503 Grand Caribe Causeway, Suite C
Coronado, CA 92118
Cruises are available weekdays 3pm to midnight and weekends 11 am to midnight.
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The Gondola Company Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About The Gondola Company

  1. Duration: Your gondola cruise with The Gondola Company will last for 50 minutes. With so much time to relax and enjoy the company of your fellow passengers, you'll truly have the getaway experience with Gondola Company San Diego.Whether you're on a romantic date or celebrating a special occasion, the gondola cruise's duration provides plenty of time to savor the experience.
  2. Number Of Passengers: One basic gondola can accomidate parties of up to six, meaning you and 5 other guests can all fit in one gondola on your private gondola ride. For larger parties, consider booking the Carolina Cruise, which can accommodate seven to 14 passengers, or the Fleet Cruise, which can accommodate seven to 44 passengers.
  3. Soft Blankets: The Gondola Company keeps you warm even when the weather is cooler. You and your loved ones can wrap yourselves up in soft blankets during your gondola cruise with San Diego Gondola Tours.
  4. BYOB Policy: Celebrate during your gondola cruise with a glass of wine! Gondola Company San Diego invites you to bring your favorite drinks along. San Diego Gondola Tours will provide an ice bucket and wine glasses!
  5. Packages, Special Events & Add a Musician: The Gondola Company offers packages and can accomodate groups and special events (including weddings).  You can also upgrade and add a professional madolin or violin player.  

The Gondola Company takes you on a journey that will make an impression. Round up your friends and family for a fun San Diego Gondola Company outing! Gondola Company San Diego's basic gondola can hold up to six passengers, while the larger cruises can accommodate between seven and 44 passengers. Expect to cruise the waters while staying cozy and warm. San Diego Gondola Tours provides soft blankets so that you and your loved ones can snuggle up together!

Gondola Company San Diego provides gondola cruises that are fun for families, friends and couples. Whether you're taking your kids on the gondola adventure or having a romantic evening with your sweetheart, San Diego Gondola Tours is going to provide fun experiences.

  • Do Bring Wine: Gondola Company San Diego will bring the ice bucket and wine glasses so that you can enjoy any wine you have with you. Take along your favorite wines on your gondola cruise!
  • Don't Feel Cold: Wrapped up in soft blankets that have been provided by The Gondola Company, you'll stay nice and warm while you're out on the water.

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