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San Diego Music and Nightlife

San Diego Comedy Club Guide
If you’re looking for live stand-up comedy in San Diego, you can always turn to The Comedy Store in La Jolla for your go-to comedy club experience, or if you can’t make it dow
Steve Byrne
Since starting his career in stand-up comedy in New York City during the late 1990’s, Steve Byrne has gradually risen to the top and become one of America’s premiere comics to
Bobcat Goldthwait Talks Stand-Up & God Bless America
Bobcat Goldthwait has undergone a transformation over the years from being the premiere alternative comic from the 1980’s comedy boom to becoming a well respected director of
Godfrey Talks Oprah and Being Black By Accident
After sixteen years of pounding it out in comedy clubs across America, the stand-up comedian known as Godfrey will have his first one-hour long Comedy Central special on Satur
FX’s hit animated show Archer can best be described as a mixture of a James Bond spy thriller mixed with an office workplace comedy where everyone has guns.
Moshe Kasher is part of the vanguard of new comedians blazing a trail into the new millennium with cutting edge material.
Dave Willis & Jim Fortier of Squidbillies talk Comic-Con, Odd Future
Squidbillies is surreal animated show that airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming black that follows the exploits of a family of anthropomorphic squids that liv
After a two year hiatus from performing comedian Carlos Mencia has returned to the stage and will be taping his new one-hour special for Comedy Central this Saturday July 16,
Born at Woodstock in the summer of 1969, the comedy duo of Piper and Tupper have been making audiences laugh for the past 20 years with their unique and frenetic brand of in-y
Known for his iconic character "The Fonz" from TV's Happy Days, Henry Winkler became a household name overnight and has since been one of the few coveted names
It has been confirmed through an official statement from Comedy Central that Charlie Sheen will be the featured “roastee” at the next Comedy Central Roast taking place in Sept
Fans of Megan Mullally may best remember her as Karen Walker, the iconic pill-popping character she portrayed for eight seasons on NBC’s Will & Grace.
With over 30 years in the business comedian Paula Poundstone is somewhat of an institution in the world of stand-up comedy.
For the past four years, comedian and director Neal Brennan has been reassembling his life as a performer.
When Oprah Winfrey decided to end her longstanding daytime talk show, myself along with a legion of fans became disenchanted with the loss of their afternoon delight felt a vo


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