San Diego has one of the most diverse climates in the world, which means you can get some amazing weather while you're there. The city is generally warm with mild temperatures throughout the year, so pack light layers and sunscreen.

Pack the Basics

No matter where you travel, you’ll always need to pack things like deodorant, mens underwear, women’s underwear, bras, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. When you’re heading to San Diego at any time of the year, don’t forget your favorite essentials. While you may be able to find it locally, you don’t want to waste your time looking for the perfect fitting underwear or your favorite deodorant when there is so much to see and do locally. Also, don’t forget your battery chargers if you want to be able to take photographs while you visit.

San Diego's Weather is Ideal for Outdoor Activities

People love it here in San Diego because you can basically do outdoor activities all year long without it getting too hot or too cold. Plus, the sun shines most days out of the year, making it the perfect spot to relax and soak up some vitamin D. San Diego lends itself well to going rollerblading, bike rentals, catching some waves, and even going for hikes in the nearby hills. This means that if you plan to be outside, you’ll need to pack just the right clothes for your trip. Bring along athletic pants or shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, and even a light jacket for those cooler ocean breezes during the winter months.

Plan to Bring Water

Water bottles are a must-have item in the summer months. Since San Diego is considered a Mediterranean climate but tends to be drier than other similar locations. You can expect warm, dry summers that can leave you feeling parched especially if you are spending your time outdoors. Plan to bring along a water bottle and drink often. Staying in dry climates makes you more prone to dehydration, even when local temperatures only average around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bring a Jacket in the Winter and Spring

A light jacket is usually enough to keep people warm in San Diego in the spring. You might find yourself warm during the day and cool in the evening hours. Plus, winter and spring are when you are most likely to see rain. So waterproof jackets are best for this type of weather. When you are planning a getaway to this beautiful coastal city, make sure you bring along something just in case.  

Pack Sunscreen and Sunglasses

One of the things people love most about San Diego is that it’s beautiful outside. So even if you simply plan to walk around, want to hike, or get in the water, sunscreen will be important to help you avoid burns. Bring along some sunglasses and a hat as well especially if you are prone to red skin and burning. If you forget them, there are plenty of places for tourists to pick them up nearby. Whether you want a cheap option or some designer sunglasses, you can find them in San Diego.

Bring Your Swimsuit

You can’t enjoy the water without the right attire. Bring along your swimsuit so you can try out surfing, go swimming, and enjoy all that the water in San Diego can offer. Many local hotels also have swimming pools, so if you prefer to get wet in a pool, you’ll be ready. Since the weather can be mild all year long, some people even bring their swimsuits along in January especially if they plan to do any water sports.

Good Walking Shoes

Did you know that San Diego is home to theme parks like Belmont Park and SeaWorld? With attractions like these, plus all the hiking in and around the region, good walking shoes are a vital thing to include in your packing. Walking shoes should have good support, a little cushioning, and not leave the backs of your ankles rubbed sore. You may even need arch support inserts to ensure you get maximum comfort and can enjoy your trip to its fullest. And don’t forget the socks in your suitcase either.


Packing for San Diego weather should be relatively simple, but it always depends on what you plan to do. Don’t forget the basics, but add in some good walking shoes, at least a light jacket, and some sunscreen to protect your skin.