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Circus Vargas: Entertaining San Diego!

Circus San Diego

As the modern world has given way to 3D movies and electronic music, it's comforting to know a traditional entertainment favorite is still in town. Circus-lovers don't have to drive very far in San Diego to find their big-top favorites. Circus Vargas was a dream fulfilled back in 1969 and continues today in grand tradition. Do the kids want to see the most amazing human spectacles in the world? Live entertainment is a rarity for some families because of cost, but Circus Vargas makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the show. Discover a wonderful world of magicians, aerialists and other talents as curious onlookers peek behind the tent walls.

So Close to Circus Locations 

When the circus used to come to town, there was one location for hundreds of miles around. Circus Vargas takes the travel time out of visitors' plans. Wherever visitors are in San Diego, there's a venue for Vargas performers. Begin 2015 with a show in one of three venues. Between January 22 and February 2, Circus Vargas can be found in Vista. Nestled in North County San Diego, Vista is perfectly located between the 15 and 5 freeways off the 78 highway. If visitors are in South San Diego, head out to the El Cajon venue between February 5 and 9. The Circus visits Nathional City on Feb 26- March 9 at Westfield Plaza Bonita and at Mission Bay at their central location between February 12 and 23. It's almost impossible to miss these fantastic performers.

Magic Around Every Corner

Curious visitors may wonder what a circus does without the animal spectacles, but Circus Vargas doesn't disappoint with magic permeating the show. Try to figure out the traditional magician's act, but stay for the glorious illusionists that really confound the mind. Although magic is the art of distraction, visitors will still be scratching their heads in amazement trying to figure out all the tricks. From large-scale illusions to basic card tricks, the audience will see a number of different performers to keep the act fresh each time.

Getting Physical with our Expert Performers 

Some of the best acts are the most traditional so visitors must look up for their entertainment. Watch acrobats perform wild tricks and tumbles with supposed abandon. Their talents may appear easy, but it takes years of practice to create a seamless look. If visitors love the romance and strength of aerialist acts, they're in for a treat with Circus Vargas's performers. Hoisted high in the air, aerialists perform dangerous balancing and strength acts with barely a net to catch them in a fall. Gasps occur all around during these performances.

Be Amazed with Dangerous Acts

If danger is what visitors are looking for, Circus Vargas delivers on several levels. What is that huge metal ball used for? Add several motorcycles to the interior and watch them miss each other by inches. When that's not dangerous enough, try the Dominguez wheel. This huge wheel and one-man show creates a balancing act like no other. Circus Vargas ensures all performers are safe during their acts, but visitors will still be on the edge of their seats during the most climatic times.

Go Back in Time

Many traveling circuses today simply move into local arenas and say it's the big top. Circus Vargas makes it a point to use the tent configuration to truly bring visitors back to a simpler time. Enter the tent and still see clowns practicing their talents. Kids and adults alike find clowns with varying personalities. Some have a lone tear streaking down their face while others are animatedly happy for the entire performance. Get to know the clowns and giggle for almost the entire show.

Come in Early and Be Surprised

Circus Vargas believes that kids should feel comfortable at the performance and even become part of the family. Come on in about 45 minutes before the performance for an interactive pre-show that dazzles. Kids come down onto the performance stage and try out a few tricks with resident performers. Clowns and other acts help out to create an amateur show that truly competes with the professional one. Visitors love the one-on-one time with the circus professionals, making the day a unique one.

Ready for VIP?

Although all the seats at Circus Vargas provide a great view, try the VIP seats for an up-close experience. Visitors see all the action just a few feet away. When visitors want to figure out all the tricks, being close is helpful. However, don't expect to discover all the secrets. Visitors may be even more enthralled being close because the tricks are still seamless.

Visit Us Then Explore!

Don't just stop the sightseeing at Circus Vargas. Each location is close to other travel highlights. Go hiking along nature trails outside of Vista or take a day trip from El Cajon into Mexico. The border is just right there. Mission Bay puts visitors in the middle of it all, providing access to local beaches, Old Town and Downtown. Make an entire vacation out of a trip to Circus Vargas and surrounding areas. Visitors will have so much to do, the trip may need to be extended.

Be part of San Diego's history with a day trip to Circus Vargas. With performance times throughout the day, families can fit this grand spectacle into any schedule. Enjoy other San Diego highlights along with the circus to really feel part of the community. Sunny skies and friendly faces are waiting for the young-at-heart.